How to Save Drooping Nerve Plant?

how to save drooping nerve plant

If you’re a nerve plant owner, then you have probably experienced the dreaded drooping of your beautiful leaves. You believe you’re taking care of the plant, but for some reason, the leaves just won’t perk up. You might think it’s time to throw them out with the trash, but we’re here to tell you that … Read more

How To Save Overwatered String of Hearts?

how to save overwatered string of hearts

Does your string of hearts have a droopy, wilted look to it? If so you are not alone. This is a common problem that many people face with their Ceropegia plants. The good news is that there are ways to save overwatered string of hearts! Read on for the best tips and tricks for saving … Read more

Why is My Calibrachoa Dying?

dying calibrachoa

Calibrachoa is a beautiful, colorful flower that can add to the beauty of your garden. It’s also an incredibly resilient plant. So why do some calibrachoas die? There are many reasons for this happening, but one of the most common causes is over-watering. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry! We’re here to … Read more

What Is The Best Soil for Pothos?

Pothos plants are an excellent choice for people with little time to care for their plants. The pothos is a hardy, low-maintenance houseplant that can thrive in many conditions. However, the soil you use will have an impact on how well your pothos thrive and how long it lives. There are several different types of … Read more

Is Sunflower a Herb or Shrub?

is sunflower a herb or shrug

When it comes to sunflowers, a lot of people are confused about whether they are herbs or shrubs. The confusion is understandable because the word “sunflower” can be used as either term. This blog post will explore the difference between herbs and shrubs, and answer the main question… Is Sunflower a Herb or Shrub? It’s … Read more

Best Soil for Spider Plant

spider plant soil

Spider plants are one of the easiest plants to grow and require very little maintenance. They also happen to be extremely popular because they are so easy to take care of, which means that this is a great plant for people who don’t have much experience with gardening. However, spider plants do need soil in … Read more

Why Is Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown?

brown peace lily

Peace lilies are a beautiful plant to have in your home. They add color, create an inviting atmosphere and smell great too! But sometimes the flowers of these lovely plants turn brown for no apparent reason. Read on for more information about why this happens and what can be done to stop it. Why Is … Read more

How to Make Monstera Grow Faster?

monstera grow faster

Monstera is a tropical plant that has large, glossy leaves and is often grown as an indoor houseplant. It can grow up to 20 feet tall in the wild! However, they rarely grow that fast or big in our homes. If you want your monstera to grow faster than it currently is, there are some … Read more

Can Yellow Leaves Turn Green Again?

yellow leaves turn green again

When your sweet, luscious green leaves begin to turn a more yellowish hue in the fall season, it can be hard for gardeners and homeowners alike. What many of us want to know is if there is anything we can do to turn those leaves back into the green, lush color that they were during … Read more