Aloe Vera Winter Care: A Complete Guide

Aloe vera is a popular houseplant that can be found in many homes across the country. This plant has been used for centuries to help heal cuts and burns, but it is also a beautiful addition to any room!

In order to keep your aloe vera healthy throughout winter, there are some steps you must take. Read on below for our Aloe vera plant winter care guide.

How Do You Take Care of an Aloe Plant in the Winter?

The best way to take care of an aloe Vera is to keep it in a sunny spot. If you don’t have access to sunlight, using grow lights is an effective alternative as well! However, if kept outside during the winter months, your aloe plant will need some protection from the cold weather.

I will now go over the care and maintenance of an aloe vera during winter. By the end, you will be able to keep your plant fresh and healthy until the next growing season.

Watering an Aloe Vera in Winter

The amount of water an aloe plant needs will vary depending on the season. In winter, you should not be watering your houseplant as much as in other seasons. Aloes do best when they are slightly dry!

In order to prevent problems from occurring during the winter months, reduce how often you water your aloe vera by about 70%. This means that you should only be watering your aloe plant every three weeks or so during winter.

Lighting an Aloe Vera During Winter

As mentioned above, grow lights (Amazon link) are a great way to provide light for aloe vera plants even in the winter months! However, if you do not have access to them, placing your houseplant near a window will help as well.

If there is not enough natural sunlight coming in through your windows, you will need to supplement with grow lights or other artificial lighting sources. It’s important that all parts of the plant are receiving sufficient amounts of light.

Aloe Vera Humidity Requirements in Winter

Aloe vera plants like moderate humidity of around 40% during the winter. This is because the plant thrives in warm climates that are known for dry heat.

If you notice that your aloe vera’s leaves are beginning to wilt, it might be a sign of too much humidity! To prevent this from occurring, keep the houseplants away from moisture-source, such as dishwashers and humidifiers.

Where To Keep Aloe Vera Inside During Winter?

Keep your aloe vera in an area of the home that does not get too cold. If your aloe plant is kept near a drafty window, for example, you will want to find another spot during the winter months.

You also need to make sure that your aloe vera is not in a drafty area during winter. If the air around it is too cold, you will want to keep your houseplant somewhere warmer.

I keep my vera in my kitchen window during the winter. This area receives plenty of sunlight, but is away from any cold drafts, which makes it an ideal spot for your aloe vera!

Aloe Vera Winter Care FAQ

Caring for an Aloe Vera in winter is a complicated subject. As such, I shall now answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How often should I water my aloe vera during winter?

It’s important to only water your aloe vera during the winter months every 3-4 weeks. This is because the plant needs to be kept slightly dry during this time. Soggy soil is a succulents’ worst nightmare!

Can I keep my aloe vera outside in the winter?

No, I don’t recommend keeping your aloe vera outside in the winter. It is best to keep this plant inside under grow lights or by a window for sufficient amounts of sunlight and warmth.

Can aloe vera survive winter?

Yes, if you follow our Aloe Vera Winter Care guide, your plant will survive the winter and be healthy until its next growing season.

Should I fertilize my aloe vera in the winter?

There is no need to fertilize your aloe vera during the winter months. However, you can do so in the springtime if it has been a while since its last feeding!

Do aloe vera grow new leaves in winter?

No, aloe vera plants will not make new leaves during the winter months. You can expect a lot of growth in the springtime, though!

What temperature is too cold for an aloe vera?

The temperature should never drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If your house gets colder than this, you will need to place your aloe vera in a warmer area of the home!

When should I bring my aloe vera inside during winter?

Yes, you should bring your aloe vera inside when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not, your plant could succumb to frostbite and die!

Should I move my aloe vera away from the heater in winter?

Yes, if your aloe vera is near a space heater or fireplace, you will need to move it away from the heat source. This could cause damage to its leaves! In fact, most plants are vulnerable to sunburn, which causes the leaves to turn brown and crispy.


In conclusion, aloe vera winter care is a very complicated subject. There are many things to consider when caring for your plant in this time of year, such as where you should place it and what kind of lighting it receives!

However, if you follow the Aloe Vera Winter Care guide laid out here, you will be well on your way to having a healthy and happy aloe vera plant.

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  1. Hi Tim.
    Early this summer I rescued two aloe plants left behind at a farmers market. They looked a little tired and struggling, but I didn’t want them thrown in the trash.
    When I brought them home I planted them in
    My garden which got good sunlight most of the day and they began to perk up. They look really good now, but they’re in the garden.
    I live in New England, so they can’t stay there. How shall I extract them from the garden, and then what? Never had aloe plants before.
    Thanks very much, liz

    • To move your aloe plants indoors, carefully dig around the base, avoiding root damage. Replant them in well-draining pots and place in a sunny spot indoors. Water sparingly and let the soil dry between waterings. Enjoy your thriving indoor aloe plants!


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