Broken Monstera Stem: What Should I Do?

Monstera plants are popular houseplants. They have large, fuzzy leaves and grow in a vine-like pattern. As with any other plant, when the Monstera becomes damaged or diseased it can be difficult to know what to do next.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you should go about fixing your broken monstera stem so that you can continue growing it!

Broken Monstera Stem: What Should I Do?

You should remove any broken monstera stems as soon as possible. It must be done by cutting just above (an inch or so) the lowest node.

Cutting above the node allows a new stem to grow within a couple of months. As such, you can’t save the original stem, but you can grow a new one with time and patience.

I simply pop the broken stem into a vase of water, instead of throwing it away. This means I can get that last ounce of joy from the leaf! These are my favorite shears for pruning monsteras.

Monstera Plant Care: Other Things You Should Know

Make sure that the plant has plenty of room to grow. Monstera plants need lots of sunlight, strong airflow, and high humidity levels in order for their stems to continue growing tall and wide each year.

Also, make sure you don’t overwater them! If they get too much water, it will lead to root rot, which can cause a stem injury or damage. During winter months when there is no active growth happening, it’s safe to water just once every few weeks or so.

Broken Monstera Stem FAQ

You may have a few more questions about your snapped monstera stem, so I will now answer some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

Should I throw away the broken stem?

This is completely your choice. When my monstera broke, I simply put the stem/leaf in a vase of water for a few weeks. With the correct care, cut stems can last a long time. As you can tell, I hate throwing things away!

How often does this happen to monstera plants?

Monsteras are quite hardy so they rarely get diseases or become damaged in any way. However, if they do break there is a good chance it will be at its base since that part of the plant has no nodes from which stems can regrow.

What if my monstera has a lot of broken or damaged branches?

Remove all broken stems to avoid any further damage to the plant. If there is one or two healthy stems, then you may want to start again by propagating the monster plant.

Why did my monstera stem break?

Sometimes stems break because of root rot. This happens when the plant is overwatered and the roots begin to decompose.

Other times, vines may simply snap where they are too heavy or not supported well enough by trellises or other objects in your home.

There’s no way to know for sure why your monstera broke so you will have to play it safe with what I’ve mentioned above!

How often do monstera stems break?

Monstera stems rarely break. They are quite resilient and can sustain a lot of damage before they give in to the forces against them. However, mistakes do happen and you may find yourself with a broken stem.


In conclusion, if you find yourself with a broken monstera stem, don’t worry. There are ways to fix it!

Remove any damaged parts of the plant and cut above the lowest node on your monstera plant in order for new stems to grow within a couple of months’ time. You can start growing these new stems by propagating them in water or soil.

I hope the tips in this blog post will help you fix your monstera stem and get it growing again! As stem breakages happen when they get leggy, you may want to know how to stop monstera legginess.

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