Why Are My Caladium Leaves Turning Yellow?

What do you think of when you hear the word caladium? If you’re like me, then your mind immediately goes to flowers. After all, what’s better than a lush green plant with vibrant purple and pink blooms?

But sometimes our beloved caladiums can start looking sickly or even dying off altogether. What could be causing this sudden change in appearance? The answer is actually quite simple. With some quick detective work and a little bit of love-you’ll soon have your healthy plants back!

In this blog post, we will discuss why caladium leaves turn yellow and how to fix it so that your plants stay gorgeous year-round!

Why Are My Caladium Leaves Turning Yellow?

Caladium leaves turn yellow because of too much water or not enough nutrients. This is because caladium plants need healthy soil that contains a balanced amount of nutrients.

When you overwater your caladium plants, the excess water washes away some of these necessary elements, and the roots can become saturated. Not only is your plant unable to absorb proper nourishment from its surroundings, but the roots will start to root – both of which contribute to yellowing caladium leaves!

Caladium Leaves Turning Yellow from Overwatering

So, if your leaves are turning yellow because you’ve been overwatering the plant, then stop! You do not want to overwater caladiums.

You should water them only when the top of their soil feels dry and remove any excess water that accumulates in the saucer below it. This may be every day or every other day, depending on how hot or cold it is outside and just how thirsty your plants happen to be feeling at the moment!

You can test the soil by sticking your finger in it to see if the top inch is dry. If so, then you can water them. Once they are watered, let their soil fully drain before placing them back into their sunny indoor environment!

Personally, I like using a moisture meter, which gives the best accuracy when it comes to watering caladium plants. Hey, I need all the help I can get…

Caladium Leaves Turning Yellow from Low Nutrients in the Soil

A caladium plant that is in a healthy environment will have leaves that are green and shiny. But, when the soil lacks sufficient nutrients for growth, your plants’ leaves can start to turn yellow from malnutrition.

You see, the plants need these nutrients to grow and to produce chlorophyll, which is a pigment that turns sunlight into sugars for the plant. If there aren’t enough of these building blocks in the soil around your caladiums’ roots, then their leaves will start turning yellow from lack of nourishment!

You can keep this problem at bay by giving them consistent feedings with liquid fertilizer or compost tea once every two weeks during active growth periods (spring/summer). Just make sure you dilute it according to package directions before applying it directly onto the foliage!

Caladium Leaves Turning Yellow from Too Little Sunlight

A caladium plant that is in a dark environment will have leaves that appear pale and dull. This occurs when the plants do not receive enough sunlight for photosynthesis to occur, which means they can’t produce necessary sugars from it!

In order to prevent this type of yellowing, you should move your potted caladiums outside during spring/summer so long as there aren’t any frost warnings coming through.

Then place them in bright but indirect light so that they get some rays without getting burned by the intense afternoon sun.

You can also use LED grow lights to give some artificial light. However, be careful with how much light you are giving. It is best to start with just 1 or 2 hours to give your caladium plant enough time to adjust. This is also a great way to stop caladium drooping.


Should I cut yellow leaves off the caladium plant?

Yes, you should cut the yellow leaves off your caladium plant if they are dead. This will allow light to get to the healthy, green foliage below it and help regenerate new growth!

Will slugs cause yellow caladium leaves?

Although slugs love to eat the leaves on your caladium plants, this will cause holes and not yellow leaves. You can use a slug bait or catch them with something like beer traps!

Does a lack of nitrogen cause yellow caladium leaves?

Yes, a lack of nitrogen will cause the leaves on your caladium plant to turn yellow. You can find a fertilizer that has more nitrogen levels or water them with compost tea!

Will too much water cause my caladium leaves to turn yellow?

Yes, too much water can cause yellow leaves on your caladium plant. You should only water enough to keep the soil moist and remove any excess that accumulates in the saucer beneath it!

Where can I buy caladium plants?

You can buy caladium plants online or at your local garden center!

Will yellow caladium leaves turn green again?

No, the yellow caladium leaves will not return to their original color. You should remove them from your plant, and then place them in a sunny location to regenerate healthy, green foliage!


In conclusion, yellow caladium leaves can be a sign of too much or not enough sunlight, moisture, and nutrients. But don’t worry – your yellowing plant will bounce back if you take the steps talked about above.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post! Feel free to read my other articles on caladium plants, such as how to make caladiums grow faster, by using the search bar at the top of this page.

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