Can Anthurium Grow In Water?

Many people want to grow Anthuriums in water. These plants are not only beautiful but they also have many different colors. You may be wondering if it is possible for these flowers to thrive when planted in a vase of water? The answer is yes, anthuriums can grow and thrive when planted in the water.

This article will tell you what kind of conditions you need for your plant’s roots, how much space the plant needs, and other important information about growing anthuriums with this method.

Do Anthuriums Grow In Water?

Yes, anthuriums grow well in water. Thousands of people do this when they own an anthurium. Just check out some of the cool pictures!

To make sure your anthuriums can live long and prosper, you need to provide them with fertilizer. If your plant is in water, then it’s unlikely to grow as large as one planted in a nutrient-rich potting mix, but it can still survive and bloom.

In the wild, anthuriums grow on the barks of tropical trees that are high above soil (but not in water).

When a plant’s lower half is submerged, they utilize a remarkably talent to take in oxygen from the water. They do this by creating “water roots”, and many plants have this ability.

What Are Anthuriums?

Anthuriums are beautiful flowers with a lot of different colors. They may look like roses, but they do not have any thorns (which is why people who don’t like roses still want to plant anthuriums).

Anthuriums are also known as tailflower plants, flamingo flower plants, and laceleaf flowers. These flowers are native to South American countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador.

They can grow up to one meter tall in the wild, but they usually only reach half of that when they’re grown indoors on a pot or vase. Anthuriums also have big leaves with unique shapes (like arrowheads).

Most species grow in low-elevation tropical rain forests. That means that most anthuriums love warm places where it rains often. Some other kinds can grow in colder areas near the equator if there’s enough humidity and rainfall throughout the year.

In fact, this flower grows really well as houseplant because it does so well under high humidity conditions, which you probably have at your home all year round!

How to Grow Anthuriums In Water?

Follow these tips if you want to grow your anthuriums in water:

-Anthurium does best if there is plenty of room around their root system – make sure that the pot has at least two inches on all sides, with a wide enough space to fit the roots.

-Anthuriums in water need more food than other plants – they are like fish and eat mostly algae. Make sure that there is plenty of light so you can grow your own algae.

-Water should be changed every other day or so because it becomes stagnant quickly – if not replaced, this will cause bacteria to form which could infect your plant or kill it outright!

Should I Plant Anthurium In Soil Or Water?

Many people will argue that it is better to plant anthurium flowers in soil instead of planting them straight into the water. There are some good points about this argument, but not everyone agrees on those reasons!

The coolest and most creative way to grow anthuriums is by leaving the plant in a bowl of water. This is unique and a real conversation starter when you have guests in your home.

If you tend to forget the watering schedule for your plants, growing them in water would be a good choice. It is less hassle-free and it takes only minutes of tending every day.

Moving the plant to a new pot is also a lot easier when you use water. It’s a simple case of removing the plant onto a towel, getting a new container full of water, and then slowly place your plant inside – voila!

Here’s the thing though… it’s important to remember that they weren’t meant for this environment. I prefer to be cautious, so grow my anthuriums in moist soil, as I don’t want a yellow anthurium. However, people around the world currently have their anthuriums in water, so be my guest!


In conclusion, anthuriums can grow and thrive when planted in the water. They need plenty of light, a wide enough space for the roots to grow without being cramped, and fresh food daily.

If you want your plant to live as long as possible make sure that it does not get too much sunlight but also ensure that there is some indirect sun every day during the winter months so they don’t appear dormant or suffer from a lack of nutrients. Please do check out my other articles on this beautiful plant, like why there are holes in anthurium leaves.

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