Can Jade Plants Get Sunburn?

Many people are surprised to learn that the Jade plant is actually succulent. This means it can be sensitive to changes in its environment, including sun exposure. With summer coming up, many people will want to bring their plants outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine. But before you put your Jade plant outside on the porch or patio, there are a few things you need to know about sun sensitivity!

Can Jade Plants Get Sunburn? 

Yes, Jade plants can get sunburn! In fact, the leaves of a jade plant are more sensitive to sunlight than most other succulents. This means that you should be careful when putting your Jade plant outside for any length of time during daylight hours.

While it is common for jade plants to suffer from sun damage, this usually only occurs if they have been placed in direct sunlight without proper protection or adequate water supply for an extended period of time (more than five days).

If your outdoor jade plant has burned leaves and scorched stem tips, you know exactly what we’re talking about! But don’t worry – keeping them indoors until summer ends will prevent future problems with sun exposure.

Can a Jade Plant Tolerate Full Sun?

No, jade plants can not tolerate full sun. As mentioned above, this plant is much more sensitive to sunlight than most other succulents and requires some shading for optimal health.

If you are thinking about moving your jade outside during the summer months, it’s important that you only do so while giving them plenty of water (keep the soil moist) and placing them in a spot where they will receive at least partial shade from mid-morning through the late afternoon/early evening hours.

This might mean keeping your jade near an overhang or patio cover – any type of solid protection that prevents a direct exposure to sunlight makes sense! Just remember that even filtered light may cause damage if the plant isn’t getting enough moisture, particularly when temperatures are high.

How To Save Burnt Jade Plant?

If your jade plant has already suffered from sunburn, you can save it by following few steps:

1) Remove the burnt leaves

You should also remove any dead leaves, as these might attract pests like mealybugs that will further damage the plant (and then they may spread onto other plants in your collection). You can do this by hand or use a sharp pair of scissors to cut them away.

If you see scorch marks along stems and leaf joints – definitely remove those! Scorched areas on stems are usually brown but sometimes look dried out with grayish coloration. It is common for jade plants to lose some lower leaves due to sunburn, so don’t be concerned unless it seems excessive. Check new growth periodically over time prune back burned tips accordingly.

2) Move the plant to a shaded area

After removing the dead material, be sure that your jade plant is getting adequate moisture and place it in a shaded area. If you’re growing them indoors for summer (or even just part of the year), any spot where they get some filtered light should work fine – but avoid placing plants near sunny windows since this can cause further damage to leaves on plants already sensitive from sunburn!

3) Provide airflow

It is also important to provide good airflow around the jade plant while it recovers. This will help prevent fungal issues that can occur when there’s too much moisture in the air surrounding affected leaves (and stems).

4) Water

Water your plant very sparingly until new leaves begin to grow. Jade plants are susceptible to rot if they stay too wet, so don’t keep the soil constantly moist after removing scorched leaf material and moving it into a shaded location following a sunburn.

Water when the top of the soil is dry – only about once per month during summer months even less often in winter – allowing some drying out between waterings will prevent future problems!

With this information, now you know how to save jade plants with burnt leaves or tips that have been exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. By taking these simple steps, your jade plant should heal up just fine! If you’re interested in learning more about caring for succulents


In conclusion, the jade plant is a very popular and well-known succulent that can be grown indoors or outdoors year-round in many climate zones. Just remember to avoid placing them where they will receive direct sunlight for too long!

Take care of your jade plants, and you’ll enjoy beautiful blooms on these ornamental specimens time after time – plus plenty of healthy new growth each spring when the temperatures start warming up outside again.

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