Can Monstera Plants Get Sunburn?

Many people know that humans can get sunburns, but did you know that plants can also be affected by this?

One of the most popular houseplants is monstera deliciosa. This plant has large leaves with a waxy texture and fenestrations all over. So, how well does this plant handle the sun? Let’s find out…

Can Monstera Get Sunburn?

Yes, monstera plants can get a sunburn if they are kept in direct sunlight for too long. However, this only happens in extreme cases when the sun is remarkably hot.

Monsteras are grown outside in many hot climates and rarely get sunburnt, so you should be fine if you monitor the plant closely. Perhaps be careful by protecting your monstera during the hottest days of the year.

How to Prevent Monstera Sunburn?

You can prevent monstera sunburn by moving your plant to an area that doesn’t receive direct sunlight. This will prevent your plant from baking under the sun and getting its leaves scorched.

You can also place a large umbrella over it or build an outdoor shelter that blocks out sunlight, as you would for other plants that shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight.

If you grow your monstera inside, then protect it from extreme rays by using curtains and blinds to block out the sun. Blinds are great because they don’t block the sun completely, which mimics the natural light monstera plants receive in the wild.

Those who use grow lights should position the light in a way that isn’t too close to the plant. I recommend leaving a gap of at least twelve inches to prevent scorching.

When Is Monstera Sunburn Likely To Occur?

Monstera sunburn usually occurs when the plant is kept in direct sunlight for too long. This will most likely happen during summer days, but it can also occur on exceptionally hot and sunny winter days as well.

It is more likely to happen when the plant is moved outdoors, or if the plant is placed in a window that gets too much sun.

If you are growing your monstera outside, be extra careful during hot summer days and monitor its leaves closely. If they start looking dry or charred on one side of the leaf, then move them out of direct sunlight immediately!

What Are The Signs Of Monstera Sunburn?

A sunburned monstera has brown or dark spots on its leaves, and the edges of the leaves will be dry and crispy.

While leaf spot disease can also give brown leaves, fungal problems tend to cause leaves to become moist and sticky. Sunburned leaves are more dry and crispy, with the brownest leaves on the top of the plant where the sunlight hits most frequently.

Can Monstera Plants Recover From Sunburn?

Yes, monstera plants can recover from sunburn if the leaves are moved to a shadier area.

You should also make sure that your monstera’s soil is moist and not too dry, as this can cause damage or scorching on its own.

Over time, new leaves will grow in with no signs of the previous burning! However, it may take several months to grow back.

Monstera plants that are grown outdoors will rarely suffer from sunburn unless they’re placed in direct sunlight for too long during the hottest days of summer.

Those who keep their monsteras indoors should be careful with bright lights and windows, as these can mimic sunlight. By using curtains or blinds to block out light, you’ll be able to protect your monstera from sunburn.

Will Burnt Monstera Leaves Turn Green Again?

No, the scorched leaves will turn black and crispy. Even if you start giving the plant the correct care, the burnt leaves won’t suddenly turn green again. You should remove them from the plant as they can harm its growth and health if left alone.

The good news is that new foliage will grow with no signs of burning. Well, as long as you don’t cook it again with too much sunlight!

Will Sunburn Kill My Monstera?

No, sunburn won’t kill your monstera, but it can damage the plant and leave it vulnerable to other issues. For example, the leaves may be attacked by pests, fungi, or disease.

Keeping your monstera healthy by ensuring its soil is moist and giving it a correct amount of light will help prevent these problems from occurring.


In conclusion, monstera plants are extremely tough and can withstand many issues. But they aren’t invincible, which means you should always be careful with them to ensure their health and growth.

To protect your monstera from the sun’s rays, make sure it gets enough shade during summer days or grow it indoors where sunlight isn’t a problem. Never place the plant in direct sunlight or close to a bright window.

By doing this, you should be able to prevent sunburn from occurring and keep your monstera healthy for years!

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