Can Pothos Survive in Low Light?

Many people grow Pothos plants in their homes or office. They are a beautiful plant and they don’t require much care. One thing that you may not know is whether the plant can survive in low light conditions, like an east-facing window. Read on for more information about how to take care of your pothos!

Can Pothos Survive in Low Light?

Yes, pothos plants can survive in low light conditions. For example, if you have an east-facing window in your house, the pothos can survive there if it has a few hours of indirect sunlight.

However, you should avoid placing it in a window that gets only direct sunlight because this can burn your pothos. Additionally, if you place the pot too close to windows or other doors, cold drafts may harm the leaves of the plant.

How To Give Pothos More Light?

The answer is simple: Use a LED Grow Light!

Although pothos plants can SURVIVE in low light, it doesn’t mean they will THRIVE there. This is why I recommend using a LED grow light (Amazon link) to help the pothos plants thrive in low lighting conditions.

These lights provide an even, bright light across your indoor space and can also be used outdoors if you need additional sunlight for plants like Pothos or Jade Plant near a window with too much sun exposure.

You don’t have to worry about harming the plant – these lights are actually safe for all types of houseplants!

The key is to not force your plant to survive in low light conditions…

The best thing you can do is find out the sun exposure of your home and put the pothos plant there. This way it will get enough light that it needs for optimal growth! For example, if your east-facing window has direct sunlight coming through most of the day – place the pothos there!

How Much Light Does Pothos Need?

As I mentioned above, the plant can survive in low light conditions. But that doesn’t mean it will grow properly or be able to produce flowers and new stems!

For optimal growth of your pothos plants, you should provide at least four hours of indirect sunlight per day – ideally from an east-facing window (but still tolerable from the south or west-facing window too).

For example, plant the pothos in an east-facing window and place the LED grow light near it for four hours each day. This will give your pothos all of the sunlight exposure that it needs to thrive!

Why Does Pothos Need Light?

This plant needs light for photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process that plants use to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen, glucose (sugar), and other organic compounds. It also helps the pothos produce new stems and leaves by using energy from sunlight!

Can Pothos Grow in Low Light with LEDs?


In fact, pothos plants LOVE LED grow lights.

You can use the LED grow light to provide additional sunlight exposure for your plant and help it thrive! And since these lights are so bright, you don’t have to worry about harming the plant – they’re actually safe for all types of houseplants (just don’t leave your pothos under the lights for 24 hours a day).


In conclusion, pothos plants can survive in low light conditions as long as they have some indirect sunlight. They will NOT thrive there, however! For best results, put your plant where it gets the most sun exposure, and do not try to force a Pothos out of its comfort zone by placing it in an area that doesn’t get enough natural light.

If you do live in a home that doesn’t receive enough light, then you can use an LED grow light to supplement the natural light and keep your plant extra happy. I hope you enjoyed this article! Please feel free to view my other pothos articles, like this one: Why Is My Pothos Dying After Repotting?

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