Do Black Strawberries Exist?

There are so many myths about black strawberries. Do they really exist? This article will debunk these myths and tell you the truth about black strawberries.

Do Black Strawberries Exist?

No, this is a myth. There are black strawberry seeds for sale on the internet, but these products are not genuine.

Pictures of black strawberries are often accompanied by these seeds. These pictures seem almost too good to be true…

Well, they are! Dark berries are a dark purple, not jet-black.

A black strawberry (Amazon link) was created by John Robertson, who crafted a resin-made strawberry and then painted it black. The artist created a delightfully intricate work of art, but nothing more.

Beware of Online Sellers

Ebay is full of fraudulent sellers selling fake items, and strawberry seeds are one example. Though the pictures of their seeds may look realistic, it is impossible to produce any black strawberries from them.

Seeds are the ultimate item for scammers to sell. You see, strawberry plants grow at a slow pace. These scammers are not upfront about the fact that black strawberries do not exist and buyers will only find out they have been scammed once it is too late.

This amount of time allows the seller to escape any complaints before they have a chance to start something new. Even if the buyer is in tune with their purchase, they may just throw the seeds in the bin and move on, in which the seller continues to advertise seeds online.

This doesn’t mean that you should never purchase seeds from your computer. I have done it many times before and it’s fine. Just be careful that you’re buying a real product.

There are plenty of online stores that you can trust for seeds and all sorts of gardening products, Stick to these in the future instead of Ebay and other platforms.

Other Strawberry Colors

The number of strawberry varieties has increased over time. If strawberries are your thing, you’re probably already accustomed to the red variety.

But there are three more you may not have seen…

The white strawberry is a unique fruit that includes the Pineberry type. There is also the yellow strawberry, which is very rare. Lastly, there is the purple strawberry, which has recently hit the market.

In fact, many people think the purple strawberry is the black strawberry, which is where some of the confusion stems from.


In conclusion, the black strawberry is a myth that does not exist. There are four colors of strawberries, and any color can be delicious when paired with sugar or dipped in chocolate!

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