Do Deer Eat Lantana?

Lantana is a beautiful flowering plant that can be found in many gardens, but some people are concerned that deer may eat it. In this blog post, we will answer the question of whether or not deer eat lantana, and we will also provide some tips on how to protect your plants from deer damage.

Do Deer Eat Lantana?

No, deer do not eat lantana due to the strong smell and rough texture of the plant. In fact, lantana is actually poisonous to deer, so they will avoid it if they can. However, if the deer is starved or desperate, it may eat lantana as a last resort.

Deer will not come to your garden to eat lantana, but they may damage the plant if they accidentally brush up against it while they are feeding on other plants. If you have a problem with deer in your garden, you can try using a deer-resistant fence or spray to keep them out.

How to Protect Lantana from Deer?

While deer won’t eat lantana, they may accidentally trample or damage the plant. If you are concerned about deer damaging your lantana, you can take some steps to protect it:

1. Fencing

One way to keep deer out of your garden is to erect a fence around it. Deer fences should be at least eight feet tall in order to be effective.

You can use a number of different materials to build a deer fence, but make sure that the fence is strong and well-built. Deer are strong animals and they will try to push through or jump over a weak fence.

Some people choose to use electric fences to keep deer out of their gardens. While electric fences can be effective, they require regular maintenance and they can be dangerous for children and pets.

I recommend this netting from Amazon as an effective and affordable way to keep deer out of your garden.

deer fencing
Deer fencing

2. Keep Plants High

If you have lantana growing in pots, you can keep them out of reach of deer by placing them on a high shelf or table.

You can also grow lantana on a trellis or in hanging baskets to keep them out of reach of deer. Deer are not able to jump very high, so keeping your plants off the ground will deter them from eating them.

3. Deer Repellents

There are a number of different deer repellents on the market that you can use to keep deer away from your plants.

Repellents work by emitting a strong smell or taste that deer find unpleasant. The scent of the repellent will deter deer from entering your garden.

You can find deer repellents at most home and garden stores. I recommend this deer repellent from Amazon.

4. Sprinklers

Lastly, you can deter deer from entering your garden by installing a sprinkler system.

When the sprinklers are activated, the noise and movement will scare deer away. In fact, deers dislike falling water so much that they will avoid areas where sprinklers are present. Plus, this will give your plants a much-needed drink of water!

Can Lantana Be Used as Deer-Resistant Fencing?

Yes, lantana can be used as deer-resistant fencing. The strong smell of the plant will deter deer from entering your garden, and the thorns on the stems will also help to keep them out.

However, many lantana varieties are not tall enough, so you may need to plant them in pots or grow them on a trellis in order to create an effective deer fence.

There are tall varieties, like the Lantana involucrata and Lantana camera, which can reach heights of six feet or more. These varieties of lantana are ideal for creating a deer-resistant fence.


In conclusion, it’s unlikely for deer to enter your garden and eat lantana on purpose. However, they may damage the plant if they accidentally brush up against it while feeding on other plants.

If you’re concerned about deer damaging your lantana, you can take some steps to protect it, such as fencing, using repellents, or growing it in a pot. You can also use lantana as deer-resistant fencing.

Do you have any tips for keeping deer out of your garden? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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