Holes in Peace Lily Leaves: The Reasons and Solutions

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Peace lilies are beautiful house plants that can grow to be quite large. They produce lovely flowers and glossy green leaves, but sometimes the leaves can develop holes in them.

Holes in peace lily leaves aren’t a problem you should take lightly. It’s important for you to know what causes it so that you can make sure your plant is healthy!

Why Are There Holes In My Peace Lily Leaves?

Pests are the most likely reason for holes in your peace lily leaves. There is a leaf-tunneling pest, known as liriomyza melanogaster, that enjoys eating the leaf tissue.

This pest is most active at night, which means many plant owners aren’t aware that they have an issue. Well, until they spot all the holes in the peace lily leaves…

Leaf disease is the second most likely cause, and something all plant owners should be cautious of. You’ll know if your plant has a leaf disease if the holes started as small spots that were dark in color.

How To Stop Holes in Peace Lily Leaves?

My favorite way to stop holes in peace lily leaves is by using a neem oil spray (Amazon link). This will stop the pests from eating through your beloved plant.

It’s also worth noting that these pests can jump from plant to plant! So be sure to spray all plants in your house.

If you think that your peace lily may have leaf spot disease, then you should treat the disease as soon as you can. You can do this by removing dead leaves, and then using a fungicide over the plant. It even helps when peace lily leaves are turning brown.

Other gardeners and I have found that neem oil can be used as both a fungicide and an insecticide, which means the above oil can also help with diseases and peace lily root rot.

How To Keep the Peace Lily Healthy?

Location: To ensure your peace lily’s leaves are in good condition, place it in indirect light.

Watering: To avoid roots rotting, don’t allow the water to become soaked. It’s advisable to water once a week when the top inch of the soil is dry.

Fertilizing: Feed your peace lily with fertilizer during the growing season to keep it strong and healthy.

Temperature and humidity: Peace lilies like temperatures of roughly 68°F. Generally, the humidity in your home should be above 60% to keep your peace lily happy.

Soil: Peace lilies prefer soil that is properly drained and acidic, but not too acidic.


To conclude, you should blame pests for the holes in your peace lily leaves. But you can get the last laugh by using a pesticide, such as neem oil spray.

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