4 Houseplants with Green Leaves That Are Purple Underneath

Many people think that houseplants are only green, but there are actually a number of varieties out there. One such type is the purple-leafed plant. Purple leaf plants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Some have thick leaves that look like they’re made from felt, while others have thin leaves with unique patterns on them. They also make great gifts for your friends!

In this article, I will carefully go over some of the best houseplants with green leaves that are purple underneath.

4 Houseplants with Green Leaves That Are Purple Underneath

Here are four of the best houseplants with green leaves that are purple underneath:

1. Calathea Medallion

The calathea is well-known for its unique leaves that look like they are covered with colorful, swirling patterns. They are also relatively easy to care for and can even survive in low light.

The calathea medallion has leaves that feature a completely purple color on the underside of all leaves. This shade of purple has been described as being anywhere from light pink to dark wine-colored.

The calathea can grow up to two feet tall and one foot wide when it reaches its full size. It does best in indirect sunlight or fluorescent lighting, so you should keep it in an office or at least away from windows where the sun is shining directly through.

If you’re looking for a plant that commands attention, then the calathea medallion is the plant for you.

2. Tradescantia Zebrina

The tradescantia zebrina is a plant that’s well-known for its unusual leaves, which feature white and dark purple striped patterns. It also features small blue flowers every spring.

The tradescantia can grow up to three feet tall when it reaches full size and should be watered regularly so that the soil stays moist at all times.

It can be grown in a variety of lighting conditions, but it should never directly face the sun. If planted outdoors, then you should place this plant in partial shade to avoid direct sunlight for most of the day.

3. Oyster Plant

Here we have another plant with green leaves on top that are purple underneath. The oyster plant is a popular houseplant because it’s relatively small and easy to care for, but its leaves are quite different than those of the calathea or tradescantia.

The oyster plant has dark green leaves with a mottled pattern on them that is also purple underneath. These leaves actually look like they’re made from wood and tend to be quite thick and sturdy.

The oyster plant does well in indirect sunlight, so you should place it near a window where there isn’t direct access to the sun. It’s also best placed away from heating sources, like fireplaces or vents, since these can dry out its leaves quickly.

4. Velvet Calathea (Rufibarba)

Our love for the calathea hasn’t stopped yet… the calathea rufibarba is another variety of this plant that’s well-known for its beautiful purple and green leaves.

The calathea rufibarba has leaves that are primarily green, but these have a dark purple underside. The leaves are also more crinkled compared to other plants and calatheas.

The leaf patterns on the calathea rufibarba can vary depending on its age and how much sunlight it gets, so you’ll need to look closely at this plant before making your purchase.

The best way to care for the calathea rufibarba is to give it indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist at all times. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant, then this might be one of your best choices.


In conclusion, there are many types of houseplants that have green leaves, but only some will feature purple underneath. There are four plants that I believe to be the best for this category: calathea medallion, tradescantia zebrina, oyster plant, and Calathea Rufibarba.

These plants can add a pop of color to any room, so they are a great idea if you’re looking to spice up your home or office. Personally, I think every home should have at least one calathea because they are so unique and pretty.

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