How Often to Water Calibrachoa?

Calibrachoa is a beautiful flower that can make any garden pop with color. They are also one of the most popular flowers in North America and Europe.

But, what many people don’t know is how often to water a calibrachoa plant. This blog post will teach you how to take care of your calibrachoa so they remain healthy and happy!

How Often to Water Calibrachoa? 

Calibrachoa plants need to be kept in moist soil, but never soggy soil. Generally, you should water a calibrachoa every week, but it depends on the environment and temperature as you might have to water it more often during summer heatwaves.

Can I Give Tap Water to My Calibrachoa?

You can, but it’s recommended to use water that has been filtered or distilled. If you do decide to give your calibrachoa tap water, be sure not to overdo it as the chlorine in the water can burn off its leaves and cause damage.

Can I Use Cold Water on My Calibrachoa?

No, you should never use cold water on calibrachoa. The sudden change in temperature will shock the plant and cause damage to its leaves and stems. A good idea is to leave water overnight to let it come to room temperature before you water your calibrachoa.

What is a Good Drainage for Calibrachoa?

Calibrachoa needs very good drainage as water builds up easily in their soil, causing root rot or mold growth. If you notice your flower sitting in stagnant water it means they don’t have proper drainage.

You can add rocks at the bottom of pots so that excess liquid drains easier without staying too long inside of them, which allows roots to get moist but not wet! 

How Much Water Should I Use on My Calibrachoa?

Water thoroughly, but don’t keep your calibrachoa standing in water as they need to drain excess liquid. This means you should give the plant a lot of water until the soil is completely wet, but then allow water to drain from the bottom to avoid root rot.

Can I Use Distilled Water on My Calibrachoa?

Yes you can use distilled water on your calibrachoa, but it’s recommended that you use filtered water instead. Distilled water is too flat for calibrachoa, which means your plant might not get the nutrients it needs to thrive. However, many plant owners use distilled water with no issues.

Can I Use Filtered Water on My Calibrachoa?

Yes, filtered water is a good option for calibrachoa. It’s what I use on all of my plants. If you don’t have access to filtered or distilled water, it’s okay to use tap water as long as the chlorine in it has been neutralized by letting the water sit out overnight before using it on your flowers.

What Happens if I Overwater My Calibrachoa?

If you water your calibrachoa too much they may develop root rot, which can cause all kinds of damage to the plant. If this happens, you need to act immediately! Start by removing the affected plant from its pot and gently removing all the soil around it.

Then, cut off any soft or mushy roots with a clean knife to reduce the damage done by rot spreading through your flower’s root system.

After you have removed any damaged parts of the root system, transfer calibrachoa into new fresh soil in a different container that has good drainage holes at the bottom! Be sure not to add too much water right away as this can cause mold growth on your flowers – just enough so that there is still some moisture left over after 30 minutes.

What Happens if I Underwater My Calibrachoa?

If you underwater your calibrachoa, the plant’s leaves will start to look yellow and wilted. This is a sign that they aren’t getting enough water!

If you notice this, it’s important to act quickly before the flowers start drooping and eventually die. The solution is to soak the plant in water until the soil is completely soaked. Then, let the excess water drain out before you add more to keep roots from sitting in stagnant water too long and developing root rot!


In conclusion, calibrachoa needs to be watered thoroughly but not left sitting in water for too long. Use filtered or distilled water (never cold!) and give them lots of it at once until the soil is completely soaked!

Be sure not to overdo it with regular tap water as chlorine can burn off leaves, so only use this if you have let it sit out overnight before watering your plant.

I hope this blog post answered your questions about watering a calibrachoa and you are able to keep your plant happy and healthy! If so, make sure to check out my other blog posts on these beautiful plants.

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