How to Divide Snake Plants?

There are many reasons to divide snake plants. Perhaps you want more of them for your house, or maybe you’re looking for an easy way to share love with friends and family. Whatever the reason, it’s not too hard! Here is a simple guide on how to divide snake plants…

How to Divide a Snake Plant?

Here is a step by step process to divide snake plants:

1. Prepare your snake plant

Division can be a stressful process, so make sure your snake plant has been well looked after in the weeks leading up to the division. You should also make sure to give plenty of water to your snake plant to keep the root ball moist and easier to divide.

2. Remove the snake plant from the pot

You should be able to gently pull the plant from its pot. If your snake plant is very root bound and won’t come out of the pot, you may need to cut around the base of the root ball first before trying again.

3. Prune any brown roots or stems

It’s a good idea to prune any brown roots or stems before dividing a snake plant. These parts are rotten, so make sure to cut them off before they spread.

Root rot is a serious issue, so if you notice brown roots or stems, be sure to cut them off right away. Throw these rotten pieces away from all plants to avoid any fungal issues.

4. Separate the root ball

Once you have successfully removed the snake plant from its pot, it’s time to separate the root ball into smaller chunks. You can simply use your hands for this process, although you may need a small shovel or trowel if there are any really stubborn roots tangled together.

5. Pop the divisions into new pots

You can simply use your hands to place the divisions into new pots. Make sure you only put one division in each pot and make sure not to overcrowd them!

From there, you should water your snake plant divisions and keep them in a well-lit area until they’ve started growing again. Remember to give it plenty of water while the roots are recovering!

Snake Plant Division FAQ

It’s not always the simplest thing to split a snake plant. As a result, there are certain concerns about the procedure that individuals might have.

How often should I divide my snake plant?

Snake plants should be divided when they become too big or crowded for your house. However, be careful not to divide your snake plant too often as it can stress the plant out.

How big should snake divisions be?

The divisions of your snake plant don’t need to be huge, but they do need to have all their roots and stems intact. Only you can decide how big the divisions should be for your home.

How to know when to divide my snake plant?

The telltale signs that your snake plant needs to be divided include when it becomes crowded, the plant has lost its luster, or if the plant is wilting. If all of these signs are present in your snake plant then you should divide them immediately.

When can I split my snake plant?

The best time to divide snake plants is during the late spring or early summer. You can split them at any time, but it is best to do so while your snake plant has the most energy.

Is it easy to split a snake plant?

Yes, it is very easy to split a snake plant. There are no special tricks or tools required for this process, just your hands and some plastic pots! Follow the tips in this guide to get the best results.

How big do snake plants grow after division?

After dividing a snake plant, it will grow much larger. The new crowns are able to get more nutrients and water, allowing them to expand quickly. Divide your snake plant for this reason alone!

Where to put the new snake plants after division?

After you divide your snake plant, they can go to any sunny spot around your home. The plant will be sensitive after being divided, so be careful not to put them in direct sunlight or wind.

What are the benefits of dividing a snake plant?

The benefits of dividing a snake plant are numerous, but the biggest one is that you get more plants! These plants can be given to other loved ones or kept for yourself, but you’ll have more of them either way.

It makes it easier to manage your snake plant if it has grown to be too big for your house. Snake plant division is also a great way to help your snake plants flourish even more.


In conclusion, dividing snake plants is essential to the health of your plant. With this easy process, you can enjoy more snake plants around your home and give them away.

I hope that it has helped answer all of your questions about how to divide a snake plant. Please reach out to me with any other questions you may have about this process.

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