How to Fix a Leggy Polka Pot Plant?

The term ‘”legginess” is used by gardeners when they are describing the long, spindly stems of a plant. These plants are often in need of help with their growth and development, but luckily there are many things you can do to fix it!

This article will discuss some easy ways to get your polka pot plant back on the right track so that it has sturdy stems and lots of vibrant leaves.

How to Fix a Leggy Polka Pot Plant?

Polka dot plants become leggy when they are not receiving enough light from the sun. They are typically grown indoors so it is important to place them in a location where they will receive at least six hours of sunlight per day.

The plant grows long stems in an attempt to get closer to the sun. As such, you can fix a leggy polka dot plant by simply moving it to a sunny location and pruning the leggy foliage.

I will now go more in-depth into how you can save a leggy polka dot plant…

1) Prune the leggy leaves from your polka dot

One of the easiest ways to fix a leggy polka pot plant is by pruning all of its leaves so that it produces new stems and foliage at the base.  This will encourage your plant to grow shorter, stockier stems as opposed to long ones.

To do this you should remove any dead or diseased leaves and stems. Next, you should use pruning shears to cut the leggy portions of each stem down to where it meets healthy foliage.

This process will encourage your plant’s growth hormones to kick in so that they produce new shoots along the length of its main stem instead of growing longer branches with fewer leaves per branch structure.

Make sure your shears are sterilized before pruning your plant so as to prevent the spread of disease. Dip them in rubbing alcohol and allow them to air dry before you use them on your polka dot plants.

2) Move your plant to a brighter location

If your polka dot plant is in a room that does not receive much sunlight, then you should find another location where it can get at least six hours of indirect sunlight per day.

Don’t place it in a room where the sun’s rays will hit your plant directly, but instead put it in a location that has bright indirect sunlight. This will encourage your plant to grow shorter stems instead of tall, leggy ones.

Once you have placed it in a bright location, wait about ten days before evaluating its growth. At that point, you should notice healthier foliage and sturdier stems as opposed to long spindly ones.

Another good idea is to use grow lights (Amazon link). These are great if you’re unable to give your plant enough sunlight. I use them on most of my houseplants, especially during the winter months.

Leggy Polka Dot FAQ

Polka dots aren’t the most well-known houseplants, but a lot of people ask me about them. Here are some frequent questions I get about leggy polka dots…

Should I repot a leggy polka dot?

It’s a good idea to repot your polka dot if it’s in a very small pot or if you suspect root rot. Otherwise, you should only repot your polka dot every two years to ensure that it has enough room for its roots and will continue growing properly.

Where should I keep my leggy polka dot?

If you have a leggy polka dot, make sure it’s in a location where it will receive at least six hours of indirect sunlight per day. This will stop any more foliage from becoming leggy.  It is also a good idea to use grow lights if you don’t have enough sunlight in your home for them.

Should I prune my leggy polka dot?

Yes, prune all of your leggy polka dot plant’s leaves. This will encourage it to grow shorter stems instead of long ones that need support from other branches.  Pruning also stimulates the growth hormones in a polka dot, which encourages new foliage and sturdier trunk formation.

Will a leggy pothos plant recover?

Yes, your plant should recover if you give it some sunlight and prune its leggy leaves. Just give it the care it needs and be patient. It can take a little while for your plant to start looking healthy again, but it will if you follow the tips we’ve discussed today.


In conclusion, leggy pothos plants are easy to fix if you know what to do. Start by moving your plant into a location with bright indirect sunlight and pruning its leaves. This will encourage it to grow shorter, stockier stems.

My top tip is to use grow lights if you don’t have enough sunlight available in your home. This will immediately stop any more leaves from becoming leggy. The result will be a healthier-looking plant that thrives.

I hope you found this post helpful. It’s just one of many posts I’ve written to help you learn about your favorite houseplants. Good luck!

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