How to Make Monstera Grow Faster?

Monstera is a tropical plant that has large, glossy leaves and is often grown as an indoor houseplant. It can grow up to 20 feet tall in the wild! However, they rarely grow that fast or big in our homes.

If you want your monstera to grow faster than it currently is, there are some things you should know about when wanting to make monstera grow faster.

How to Make Monstera Grow Faster?

You can make your monstera grow faster by giving everything it needs to thrive. Failing on just one of these requirements will result in your monstera not growing as fast as it could be. Below are my top tips for speeding up the growth rate of your monstera…

1. Light (LED lights)

To make monsteras grow faster, it’s important to give them the right amount of light. If you can’t give your plant enough natural light, then you can use a grow light. Doing this will ensure that your monstera is getting all the light it needs to grow. Here are my recommended grow lights for monsteras.

I use a grow light on all of my house plants, especially in winter when they don’t get enough natural light.

2. Water

Keep the soil moist as much as you can, but not soggy wet. Water regularly when the top inch of soil feels dry to touch. If using tap water for irrigation, let it sit out overnight before watering so that chlorine evaporates from the water.

Use drip irrigation method rather than overhead sprinklers since too much moisture on leaves will result in brown spots at leaf tips and edges…and does nothing good for plant’s growth rate! Also, avoid over-watering because this results in rotting roots, which will kill plants quickly.

3. Humidity

Monstera plants like high humidity and grows best with at least 50% humidity. In most homes, the air is too dry for monsteras to thrive.

You should aim to create a humid environment by setting up a water tray filled with pebbles under a plant pot or misting leaves regularly (about twice daily)…this will help increase your indoor humidity levels which makes monstera grow faster…and healthier!

You can also invest in an indoor humidifier to increase the humidity within your home so that monstera can grow faster.

4. Pest control

Since monster plants are susceptible to ants and mites, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. You can use pesticides on your plants, but this isn’t advisable because it can damage your plant…so prevent pest infestation by keeping an eye on your plants and using organic neem oil when needed.

5. Fertilizer

Monstera plants love having slow-release fertilizer in the soil because it helps make them grow faster. Using a standard houseplant fertilizer (with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) is good for monsteras but do not overdo it!

Too much or too little of these nutrients can harm or kill your plant respectively so be careful when fertilizing…and use full strength fertilizer only once every month.

When to feed: Make sure you feed your monstera at least bi-weekly during active growth periods, which typically spring through fall. Do not fertilize if roots are damaged by rot or if weather conditions have been very cold recently, as this will burn delicate new growth on monstera leaves.

6. Repot

Once every few years, you will need to repot your monstera. It is best if you pot the plant in organic soil like peat moss and sand, which has a high porosity so water drains easily.

If you notice any dead branches, then cut them off immediately before they rot away at their base and cause damage to other parts of the plant. Also, don’t forget to remove all brown leaf tips as well as yellowing older leaves from existing branches… this makes monstera plants look happier too!

Are Monstera Fast Growing Plants?

Yes – In fact, they can quickly become too big for their pots or homes otherwise! Their fast growth rate makes them very fun to have a houseplant, but they can become invasive if not pruned regularly.

The good news is that it is not as difficult to care for a monstera plant compared to many other tropical plants.

How to Grow Bigger Monstera Leaves?

Monstera Leaves are large and can grow up to 30 inches in length. They love a lot of humidity, light, and warmth. In fact, the more you can provide these things for your monstera plant, then the bigger it will grow and produce big leaves.

What about Fertilizers for Growing Bigger Monstera?

It’s important to note that monsteras need lots of fertilizing as well – this helps them continue their rapid rate of growth without burning out or getting sickly from too much fertilizer use. You should be giving your plant water with fish emulsion every week during spring/summer months (every other week). Also, remember it needs less fertilizer in fall/winter.


In conclusion, how to make monstera grow faster depends on a number of different factors. Monsteras need lots of light, warmth, humidity, and fertilizer in order to continue growing at the rapid rate they are accustomed to.

My top tip of all is to repot your monstera plant every year as it grows bigger in order for its roots and leaves to thrive! It’s also a good idea to invest in some LED lights if you want your plant to grow as big and healthy as possible. I use these grow lights for all of my tropical plants when I’m not around to make sure they get enough light each day.

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