Money Tree Winter Care: A Complete Guide

As the winter season approaches, we often find ourselves wondering how to take care of our money tree. The winter is a time when many plants will go dormant and stop growing for the year.

This article provides an overview of what you need to do in order to protect your plant from frost damage and keep it healthy until next spring.

We’ll discuss how much water it needs, what temperatures are ideal, and other helpful tips that will ensure your money tree’s survival!

How Do You Take Care of a Money Tree in the Winter?

The best way to take care of a money tree in winter is by protecting it from cold temperatures, providing enough sunlight, and adjusting how much water you give to the plant.

This means keeping your money tree inside, where it will be warmer. However, keep it away from places in your home that have cold drafts, the windows.

Additionally, don’t repot your money tree in the winter months because they dislike being disturbed at this time of year (they are usually more stressed in the winter).

I’ll go through the most important things to remember about caring for a money tree during the winter. Nothing can go wrong with your plant if you follow these procedures…

Watering Money Tree in Winter

Your money tree won’t need as much water in winter. As such, I recommend only watering when the top two-thirds of the soil has gone dry. This will typically be every 2-3 weeks during the winter.

As always, only use room temperature water that has been filtered. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make your money tree warmer by adding hot water, as this will only shock your plant.

Money Tree Light Requirements in Winter

When it comes to light requirements in winter, your money tree will appreciate getting at least 4 hours of bright indirect sunlight. This means placing the plant in a space where it gets plenty of natural daylight without being exposed to any direct sun.

If you aren’t able to provide this kind of lighting during the winter months, I recommend using grow lights that emit both red and blue light. This will simulate the sunlight that your plant would get during spring, summer, and fall. Here is my favorite grow lights for money trees.

Money Tree Humidity Requirements in Winter

The humidity levels in winter should be around 50%. This can vary depending on where you live, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of dryness or drooping. If your plant begins to look dehydrated, then use a humidifier that emits cool mist.

Where To Keep Money Tree Inside During Winter?

The best place to keep your money tree inside during winter is in a room where temperatures are between 50-65°F. If you have a room in your house that meets these temperatures, then this is the best place to keep your plant.

Make sure the room doesn’t receive any cold drafts or dry heat. This is important because drafts can cause brown spots on the leaves and dry heat can dehydrate your plant.

Money Tree Winter Care FAQ

Caring for money trees in winter is a complicated subject. As such, I shall now answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can money trees survive winter?

Yes, money trees can survive winter if given the correct care and environment. It’s important that you keep it warm and only give a small amount of water. You may also have to use grow lights if you do not have enough sunlight.

Should I fertilize my money tree in the winter?

No, there is no need to give your money tree any fertilizers during the winter. If you want to, you can give it some slow-release fertilizer when spring comes around.

Do money trees grow new leaves in winter?

Money trees will rarely grow new leaves in a cold environment. So, it depends on how warm you keep your house and whether you use artificial grow lights or not.

What temperature is too cold for a money tree?

Any temperature below 50°F will be too cold for a money tree. It will likely die if the temperature falls lower than 40°F in your house, so you need to ensure that it doesn’t get anywhere near these temperatures.

When should I bring my money tree inside?

Bring your money tree inside before the first frost of the winter. Even better, don’t let it stay outside if the temperature drops below 50°F for prolonged periods of time. This will ensure that your plant doesn’t get damaged.

Should I move my money tree away from the heater in winter?

Yes, the dry heat can dehydrate your money tree. It’s best to keep it away from a heater or other heating device during winter. This is a common reason for brown leaves on your money tree due to stress.


In conclusion, caring for your money tree in winter is not difficult. All you need to do is water it less often, keep it away from heating, fertilize it sparingly until spring comes around again, and do other easy-to-follow steps.

As the winter season approaches, we often find ourselves wondering how to take care of our money tree. The winter is a time when many plants will go dormant and stop growing for the year.

If you follow this guide step-by-step, I’m sure that your plant will survive the cold season with ease. I hope this helps and happy gardening!

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