What Are the Bumps on Monstera Stem?

Have you ever seen a monstera plant and wondered what the bumps on the stem were? This blog post will explore how these bumps are formed, why they form in some plants but not others, and what they mean to your plant. Have fun with this article!

What Are the Bumps on Monstera Stem?

The bumps on your monstera stem are likely just small aerial roots that grow out of your plant to help it anchor itself. They are the first sign that you have a healthy, mature monstera that is developing as it should.

These small bumps on a monstera stem can also grow into full roots that will anchor the plant even further and allow it to climb.

Another possible answer is that your monstera has scale, which is a common pest to indoor plants. If this is the case, you should read up on the scale to get rid of it before your plant becomes infested!

What Are Aerial Roots?

You may be wondering what these so-called “aerial roots” are. Well, they are the first part of the plant that is used to explore its surroundings.

They are essentially just roots, but they grow out of your monstera stem, instead of the underground like more traditional plants. I recently wrote a whole article on monstera aerial roots – check it out!

What Is Scale?

Scale is a common pest that attacks plants. It sucks the plant’s juices and causes leaves to drop off, yellowing can happen as well – pretty nasty!

If you suspect your monstera has scale, don’t worry too much about it because they are relatively easy to get rid of with some simple steps.

How To Get Rid of Scale on Monstera Plant?

If the small bumps on your monstera are scale, then you should act soon. Scale is a fast-growing pest that will destroy your monstera plant if you don’t kill it.

You are likely to find the scale on the stems, leaves, and joints of your plant. The bumps can be white or brown in color depending on how mature they are.

To get rid of monstera scale, you should spray your plant down with neem oil (Amazon link) or insecticidal soap. Make sure to spray all houseplants that are close to your monstera as well, as scale can spread very easily.


In conclusion, the bumps on monstera stem are usually just young aerial roots, but they can become anchoring roots. They are a sign of health in your plant, so do not worry if you see them!

I hope you found this article to be interesting! If you did, feel free to read my other articles on these beautiful houseplants.

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