Spider Plant Leaves Turning White: Causes and Cures

Spider plants are popular houseplants because of their ability to grow in low-light conditions. However, if left unchecked, spider plant leaves turning white can be an issue.

Fortunately, the problem is often easy to fix with some simple steps! In this article, we will review what causes spider plant leaves to turn white and how you can take care of them so that your plants stay healthy and happy.

Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Turning White?

The most common reason why spider plant leaves turn white is powdery mildew. This fungus can be found on a variety of plants, including spider plant leaves. Powdery mildew is most prevalent in areas that are hot and humid or have poor airflow.

What Can I Do About It?

If you have white powdery mildew on your spider plant leaves, then the first step is to increase airflow in that area of your home or office. Watering less can also help with this problem because overwatering makes conditions prime for powdery mildew growth.

Additionally, making sure there are no areas where water pools and adding some pebbles to trays under plants can make it more difficult for fungus spores to find a good place to land and start growing again! Make sure you use an organic pesticide if you feel like using one at all (some prefer not using them).

As powdery mildew is a fungal infection, I use this neem oil (Amazon link) in my house. I use it when the spider plant leaves turn white because of powdery mildew, and also when pests start attacking my plants.

Is It Really Powdery Mildew?

You can spot powdery mildew by its white, dusty appearance and the fact that it tends to grow on both sides of leaves.

If you are unsure about whether your plant has powdery mildew or not, one way to tell is by checking if any other plants in your home have it as well. If they do then chances are high that this is what you’re dealing with! Or take a leaf from each plant into consideration and compare them side-by-side for signs of similar damage.

It’s important to note though that spider plant leaves turning white can also be caused by nutrient deficiency, pests such as thrips, and even root rot brought on by overwatering and cold soil temperatures. However, fungal infections are the most common reason for spider plant leaves turning white.


In conclusion, spider plant leaves turning white is a very common issue. Luckily, it can be dealt with pretty easily by increasing airflow and using neem oil to deal with the powdery mildew.

Also, make sure you are not overwatering your spider plant. Spider plants do very well in dry conditions! If the soil is too wet it can lead to root rot, which will cause white spots on leaves and rotting stems etc.

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