How to Split a Large Monstera Plant?

Monstera plants are popular houseplants that come in many different sizes. When it is time for you to repot your monstera, you may be wondering how to split a large monstera plant multiple pants that can be potted into smaller plants.

Well, this blog post will show you the steps that need to be taken to successfully divide an older monstera plant into separate pots. Let’s get started!

How to Split a Large Monstera?

Here is a step by step process to splitting a monstera plant:

1. Prepare your monstera plant

Splitting can be a stressful process for your plant, so ensure it isn’t already stressed out. You can do this by giving your monstera the correct amount of water, light, and humidity in the week before you start.

2. Remove the monstera plant from the pot

The first thing you need to do is remove your monstera from its pot. You will want to use a sharp tool for this process, such as a knife or spade. Be very careful when removing the plant from its current pot! The roots are very delicate and can easily break if you aren’t gentle.

3. Prune any brown roots or stems

Once you get the plant out of its pot, there’s a chance that you’ll see brown roots. These are dead and need to be removed. Use a pair of sterilized monstera scissors to snip the roots off so they aren’t in your new pot.

4. Cut the root ball

Next, it is time to use a sharp tool to divide the root ball into multiple pieces. You may be able to find some natural divisions that won’t require you to break the roots too much. The less damage you cause, the better chance the new plants have at growing.

5. Pop the divisions into new pots

Once you’ve created your new divisions, place each one in its own container that is about three inches wider than the root ball. You’ll want to use rich potting soil when repotting them so they can grow quickly and healthily.

Give the plant plenty of water and inlight so it can get back to growing! With time, your monstera plant will fill the new pot and you’ll have multiple plants to enjoy in your home!

Monstera Division FAQ

It’s not always simple to split a monstera plant. As such, I will now answer some common questions I receive about monstera plants:

When is the best time to split monstera plants?

Monsteras can be split at any time during their growing season. This is typically when they are actively growing. Sometimes it is easier to undo the root ball if you wait until after a heavy rain or watering session, but this isn’t necessary for division.

Can I divide my monstera plant into more than two pots?

Yes! If your Monstera has grown too large and outgrown its current pot, you can divide it into multiple pots. It’s common to end up with at least three plants when splitting a large monstera plant, but sometimes more.

How often should I divide my monstera?

Monsteras are easy to divide and can be done every year or two. Some people prefer not to do this more than once a year so they don’t accidentally hurt the plant with too many divisions.

I personally like to give mine some time in between each division. I tend to only split a monstera if the plant is too large for its pot and is tipping over.

Should I repot or divide my monstera?

Your monstera plant should be repotted if it has root rot or has become too large for the pot. If you would like a few smaller monsteras, then dividing is a good option, especially if your monstera has outgrown its pot and is tipping over.

Is it easy to split a monstera plant?

Yes, it is quite easy to split a monstera plant. It just takes some time and patience to do it right! My top tips are to make sure you use sterilized equipment and be careful when handling roots.

Can I divide my monstera outside?

Yes, you can divide your monstera outside if you want to, but make sure it doesn’t get too hot or cold where you are. This will require you to bring the plant back inside after division.

Where to put my monstera after division?

After you divide your monstera, make sure to place the new divisions in a location that is similar to where they were previously. If you move them somewhere warmer or colder, this may shock your plant and make it go into dormancy for a while.

What are the benefits of dividing a monstera?

Splitting a monstera plant into smaller plants allows you to share your favorite houseplant with friends and family! It also gives you a chance to control the size of your plant and keep it from getting too big for its pot.

Without splitting, you will likely have to use a grow pole to hold the weight of a large monstera plant. In fact, some people give their monstera plant away as it became too big. If only they had read this article!


In conclusion, the process of dividing a monstera plant is easy to do. You just need some time, sterilized tools, and patience when handling roots. Once you divide your monstera plant into smaller plants, make sure to give them adequate room for growth.

I hope this blog post was helpful in showing how to split a large monstera plant multiple pants that can be potted into smaller pots. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about how to divide a monstera plant.

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