How to Water Vinca Flowers

Vinca is one of the most popular flowers for gardens and landscapes, due to its easy maintenance and beautiful blooms. However, one of the most common questions gardeners have about these plants is how to water them properly.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when watering vinca flowers, so I’ve put together a few tips that will help you get the most out of your vinca plants.

How Often to Water Vinca Flowers?

Watering frequency will depend on a number of different factors, including the size and type of plant, the weather conditions, and how much sun your vinca flowers are getting. Generally speaking, you should aim to water your vinca plants every other week during the growing season.

In hot weather or in drought conditions, you may need to water more frequently – perhaps even once a week. The key is to monitor your plants and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Personally, I only add more water to my vinca plants if I can see that the soil is starting to dry out. It’s simply a case of sticking your finger into the soil and seeing how damp it is – if your finger comes out dry, then that’s a good indication that you need to add more water.

When is the Best Time to Water Vinca Flowers?

Water vinca flowers early in the day, as this sets them up for the best performance throughout the day. Plus, if you wait until later in the day excess water will not be able to drain from the soil, which can lead to waterlogged roots and cause your vinca plants to rot.

The earlier in the day you water your plants, the better. Ideally, try to water them as soon as the sun comes up, or just before it rises. This prepares your vinca plants for the day ahead, ensuring that they have access to enough moisture and nutrients to flourish.

How Much Water Do Potted Vinca Flowers Need?

Vinca flowers are drought-tolerant and can survive in dry soil for long periods of time, so I recommend watering potted vinca flowers thoroughly once every other week.

For potted vinca flowers, it is important to be mindful of how much water you are giving them. Remember that these plants do not require a lot of water and can easily get overwatered if you aren’t careful.

Manually checking the soil can help you gauge how much water your potted vinca flowers need. Simply stick a finger into the soil and see if it is damp or dry – if the top two inches of soil are dry, then it is time to add more water.

How Deep to Water Vinca Flowers?

To give the roots of your vinca flowers the best chance at soaking up all of that precious moisture, you should aim to water them to a depth of six inches. This developed a deep root system that will help your plants thrive and flourish.

Deep roots will also keep the roots safe from harsh weather conditions, like cold snaps, heat waves, and drought. So it is important to water your vinca flowers deeply in order to ensure that they are getting the full range of benefits from their watering schedule.

Avoid watering overhead, as this can lead to fungal diseases and other issues. Instead, I recommend using a soaker hose or drip irrigation system to water your vinca flowers – these methods will help you water deeply without wasting any excess moisture.

What Happens if I Overwater Vinca Flowers?

Overwatering drought-loving plants like vinca flowers can seriously damage their health and even kill them. So it is important to keep an eye on your vinca plants and make sure that you are not giving them too much water.

Symptoms of overwatering include wilted or brown leaves, stunted growth, fungal growth and even plant death. If you see any of these signs in your vinca plants, then it is time to adjust your watering schedule accordingly and give them less water until their roots have had a chance to recover.

What Happens if I Underwater Vinca Flowers?

Underwatering vinca plants can also have serious consequences for their health and growth. If your vinca flowers are not getting enough water, they may wilt or droop, become discolored or lose their leaves.

This can also leave your plants vulnerable to disease and pests, as well as cause stunted growth and even death. So it is crucial that you are watering your vinca flowers regularly in order to keep them healthy and thriving.

Can I Give Tap Water to Vinca Flowers?

While you can give your vinca flowers tap water in a pinch, it is always best to use filtered, distilled, or rainwater when watering your plants. This ensures that your plants are getting the purest and healthiest source of moisture possible.

Tap water can contain chemicals like chlorine that can be harmful to your vinca plants. So if you want to give your plants the best chance at success, it is best to use filtered or rainwater for watering them.


In conclusion, it’s best to water your vinca flowers every other week, making sure to give them a deep watering that reaches down to six inches. You should also be mindful of how much water you are giving your plants, and keep an eye out for signs of overwatering or under-watering. With the right care and attention, your vinca flowers will grow tall, healthy, and vibrant!​

I hope this post has helped you learn how to care for your vinca flowers and keep them healthy and thriving. So go out there, get yourself some beautiful vinca plants, and start enjoying their gorgeous blooms today!​

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