What Is The Best Soil for Pothos?

Pothos plants are an excellent choice for people with little time to care for their plants. The pothos is a hardy, low-maintenance houseplant that can thrive in many conditions. However, the soil you use will have an impact on how well your pothos thrive and how long it lives.

There are several different types of soils available at most garden centers so understanding which one is best for your particular needs will help keep your pothos happy and healthy!

What Is The Best Soil for Pothos?

Pothos plants are not too picky about the soil they grow in. Your pothos will be happy with soil that is rich, well-draining, and provides enough aeration.

Personally, I use a mix of Miracle Grow Potting Mix and perlite. The potting mix gives all the nutrients your pothos need, while the perlite has excellent drainage and aeration properties.

Pothos are some of the fastest-growing plants around, so it’s important to feed them well. If you want your pothos to thrive in a nutrient-rich environment, as they would outside, make sure that you’re giving them soil with nutrients already included!

When it comes to watering the soil, people tend to go overboard and overwater their pothos plants, which can lead to root rot and powdery mildew on pothos leaves. This can lead to the roots of the plant becoming infected with fungus or bacteria, which results in root rot and stunted growth for your beloved houseplant!

I experimented with a lot of different potting mixes to find the best soil for my pothos plant. I tried this mix, that mix and it was not until when I added these ingredients did everything finally come together! This recipe can be used with other types of plants that grow similarly to each other.

Pothos Soil Mix Recipe

  • 3/4 Potting Mix (regular potting soil)
  • 1/4 Perlite
  • Sprinkle of sand

The mix of the three will provide a drainage layer for water to travel through and keep roots from sitting in excess moisture. This mixture is also lightweight, making it easy to transport when needed!

Pothos Soil FAQs

Pothos soil can be quite a confusing topic. As such, I will now answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do Pothos Like Wet Soil?

Pothos does not like wet soil. The leaves will start to rot and the roots may die if they are in too much water.

Can I Put Coffee Grounds in my Pothos Soil?

Coffee grounds are not a good idea for pothos soil, especially if you want the pothos to grow well and fast. Pothos is sensitive to nitrogen, and coffee contains high levels of this element. This could cause the leaves to brown and fall off, potentially killing your pothos plant.

Do Pothos Like Acidic Soil?

The soil in your pot has a huge impact on the health of your pothos plant, so it is important to choose carefully. If you are wondering if Pothos like acidic soil; well, yes and no!

Pothos do best with an acidic pH between six-seven (as opposed to one). However, many people find that using a fertilizer with high phosphorous content will have the same effect.

If you are concerned about your soil is too acidic, or not acidic enough for your pothos plant, we recommend trying a pre-mixed potting mix that is specifically designed for Pothos.

Can Cactus Soil be Used for Pothos?

While you can give cactus soil to your pothos, I wouldn’t recommend it. This is because cactus soil doesn’t retain water, which can lead to your pothos not getting the amount of water it needs to thrive.

Can I Use Miracle-Gro Soil for My Pothos Plant?

Miracle-gro is a great potting mix for pothos plants. In fact, it is one of the best and will help keep your plant healthy! I’ve linked to the one I use higher up in the article. I also recommend it in my article on why pothos plants sometimes die after repotting.

Can I Use Top Soil for my Pothos?

Topsoil is not recommended for use as a potting mix because it contains high levels of salt that may damage your pothos plant.

Can I Use Hay for Pothos?

Hay is not a good option for potting mix, as it does not contain enough nutrients to keep the roots healthy and thriving.

Can I use Wood Chips or Sawdust for my Pothos Plant?

Wood chips and sawdust are not a good option for pothos soil, as they do not contain the nutrients that your plant will need.

Can I use Potting Soil from Home Depot?

Potting soil found in stores like home depot is often too heavy and can compact easily, which could make it difficult to water and drain properly. This may cause your pothos to rot and die.

Can I use Garden Soil for my Pothos?

Garden soil could potentially be a good option for potting mix, as it is an organic material that will provide enough nutrients for the roots of your plant. However, garden soil can sometimes have fungus or pests on it which could infect your pothos plant and cause it to die.


In conclusion, it is important to find a soil mixture that will provide the right pH level, drainage, and nutrients for your pothos plant. A good option would be 3/4 potting mix, ¼ perlite, and a sprinkle of sand. You can also add some fertilizer too!

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