Why Are My Pilea Leaves Curling?

Pilea plants are a popular houseplant and one of the first to be sold by nurseries in the spring. However, as summer approaches, many people notice that their Pilea leaves start curling up.

In this blog post, we will explore why your pilea leaves may be curling and how you can prevent it from happening!

Why Are My Pilea Leaves Curling?

There are many reasons for this, but pilea leaves tend to curl inwards when not given enough water. They do this to retain as much moisture as possible.

However, there is more than one reason for this to be happening. It can be because of lighting issues, not enough nutrients in the soil, and more. The leaves can curl outwards too (doming), which is typically due to overwatering and root rot. I will now dive into each potential cause of pilea leaf curl.

Low Humidity Levels

Pilea plants are native to tropical areas and as such, they do well in high humidity. This is why pileas tend to curl up when the relative humidity drops below 50%.

If you notice that your pilea leaves have started curling inward, it could be because of low humidity levels. You can increase this by placing a humidifier near your plant or simply by misting them daily.

You can check the current humidity levels by using a humidity monitor. I personally like this one by Honeywell because it is very accurate and easy to use.

Exposure to Cold Air

Pilea plants are tropical and as such do not tolerate cold temperatures well. If you notice that your pilea leaves have started curling, it may be because they are exposed to chilly air regularly.

Make sure that your plant is kept indoors in an area where there aren’t any drafty windows or doors nearby. You can also place a small space heater near your plant if needed!

Not Enough Water

Pilea leaves curl inwards when they are not given enough water. If you notice that your pilea leaf has started curling, it is because the soil isn’t wet all the way through.

You should be watering your plant regularly but make sure to let their soil dry out a bit before giving them more water. Remember – over-watering can also lead to root rot and other issues so avoid this as much as possible!

Too Much Light

As with any plant, pilea plants need a certain amount of light to thrive. If you notice that your leaves have started curling inward, it may be due to exposure to direct sunlight for too long!

If this is the case, you should move them away from sunny windowsills and instead place them in indirect or filtered sun areas of your home. You can also use curtains or blinds if needed!

Not Enough Nutrients

Pilea plants need a lot of nutrients in order to stay healthy and grow. If your leaves have started curling inward, it may be because they are not getting enough nutrients from their soil!

You can add fertilizer once every month or two depending on how often you water your plant. However, make sure that you only use a very diluted amount as they don’t need much!


If your pilea plant leaves are curling outwards, it is likely due to overwatering. If the soil isn’t allowed to dry out between waterings, it can cause root rot and other issues as well!

If you notice that your plant’s leaves are curling outward, make sure that you stop watering them for a few days. Let their soil completely dry out before re-watering them again. Doing this will help prevent root rot from developing on your pilea plants!

It’s important to create a watering schedule and follow it as closely as you can. This way, your plant will always get the right amount of water and nutrients that they need to grow!

You can check the soil by feeling it with your finger. If the soil feels wet, you should wait a few days before watering them again! You can even invest in a moisture meter or a humidity monitor to make sure that you are watering your plant at the correct time!

How To Fix Pilea Plant Leaves Curling?

You can stop pilea leaves curling by making sure that your plant is getting enough water, humidity, light, and nutrients. You can do this by following the tips above!

It’s important to create a watering schedule and follow it as closely as possible. This way, you will always know exactly when to water your plant again – no matter if their soil feels wet or dry!

If none of those work then you might want to contact a professional who has experience with houseplants pilea plants because there may be another underlying issue.


In conclusion, pilea leaves curl inwards for many reasons. However, the most likely cause is because of too little water and humidity levels.

If you notice that your pilea leaf has started curling inward, make sure to increase their humidity by placing them near a humidifier or misting them once daily with distilled water. You should also be watering your plant every week but making sure that it dries out between each session so as not to over-water them!

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