Why Is My Spider Plant Drooping?

Spider plants are a great way to add some natural beauty to your home while also purifying the air. Unfortunately, sometimes they can start drooping or seem sickly.

If you have a spider plant and it is drooping, there could be a variety of reasons why this might be happening. In this article, we will discuss possible causes of drooping in spider plants and how to fix them!

Why Is My Spider Plant Drooping?

The most likely reason why your spider plant is drooping is because of overwatering. Spider plants have thick roots that are able to store water, so the plant will be unhappy if given too much water.

Another common reason for the spider plant leaves drooping is due to a lack of sunlight. In fact, low-hanging leaves go hand-in-hand with sunlight issues.

How to Stop Spider Plant Drooping?

You need to take action immediately by giving the spider plant less water and providing more sunlight. Doing this will bring the spider plant leaves back to life.

1) Less water

Giving less water is most likely the best thing you can do for a drooping spider plant. Since the roots are storing water, the entire plant will start to wilt if too much is given!

If your spider plant leaves are turning yellow because it has been overwatered, this means that irreversible damage is already starting. It’s important to act now before it is too late.

Spider plants need water only when the soil is dry. Instead of watering every day, you can water it once a week to make sure there are no issues with over-watering!

I wait until the top 50% of the soil is dry before giving more spider plants any more water. This is the best way to prevent overwatering.

When I had my first spider plant, this was actually my mistake that caused the leaves to wilt in the beginning. It’s important not to make this same mistake because once the damage happens…it can’t be reversed!

You also need to make sure that there is good drainage at the bottom of your pot so all excess water flows out easily. This prevents any standing puddles near the base of each stem which could rot out new growths and kill them entirely!

While we are on the subject of watering spider plants to avoid droopiness, it’s important to only give filtered water that is room temperature. Not doing this can shock your plant with cold water, which would also cause drooping and even worse issues.

2) More sunlight

Spider plants need sunlight to produce chlorophyll and thus make food for themselves. If you keep your spider plant indoors, it’s necessary to put them near a window where they will receive good sunlight exposure.

You should immediately move your spider plant closer to a sunny area so that it can start recovering. Windows are a good location, but make sure the sun doesn’t shine directly on the plant for too long.

If your home doesn’t offer enough natural sunlight, then you may want to purchase an LED grow light to help provide the plant with artificial light.

I use a grow light on all of my houseplants during the winter months and in rooms that have small windows. It keeps their foliage green and healthy!

Droopy Spider Plant FAQs

There’s a good chance that you still have many questions. If so, I will now answer some of the most frequently asked questions

Will droopy spider plant leaves kill my plant?

No, but droopy leaves are a sign of other issues. If your spider plant is drooping, it’s likely because the roots have stored too much water or there isn’t enough sunlight for photosynthesis to occur. So although the droopiness won’t kill the plant directly, the underlying cause of the droopiness could!

Do I need to repot a drooping spider plant?

Repotting is only necessary if you suspect that your plant has root rot. If not, avoid repotting your spider plant, otherwise, you may stress the plant and cause it to die.

What if the problem keeps coming back?

If your spider plant keeps experiencing drooping leaves even after you have tried to fix the underlying issue, then the only option is to repot it. Potting a spider plant in a new pot with fresh soil can help get rid of any root rot that might be occurring!

Why are my spider plant leaves drooping after watering?

Droopy spider plant leaves can be a sign of over-watering. Spider plants need water only when the soil is dry and should not be watered every day! Too much water will cause the leaves to droop.

Why are my spider plant leaves drooping after repotting?

Droopiness can also be a sign of shock from repotting. It’s possible that the roots were damaged during the process and need time to heal, so avoid fertilizing or watering for about two weeks after replanting your spider plant in a new pot!


In conclusion, spider plants can be a beautiful addition to your home. Unfortunately, sometimes they may seem sickly, and drooping is an issue that you might notice.

The best way to combat the issue is by reducing how much water it receives and providing more sunlight. If you do those two things, your spider plant leaves will be back to life in no time!

I hope this article has helped answer any questions or concerns that you had about why spider plant leaves are drooping! Let me know in the comments section what other issues you’ve experienced with your own spider plants!

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