Why Is My Zebra Plant Turning Brown?

Zebra plants can be a beautiful addition to any home. They are easy to care for and don’t require much attention at all. However, many people who own zebra plants notice that their leaves start turning brown and dying off.

This is a common problem with these types of plants and there are several things you can do to help them thrive in your home or office space again!

Why Is My Zebra Plant Turning Brown?

Your zebra plant is turning brown as a result of overwatering or leaf burn. While burnt leaves will be dry and crispy, brown zebra leaves from overwatering tend to be moist.

This is why it’s critical to figure out what caused the leaves to burn before taking action. I’ll go through these two reasons in more detail, as well as what you can do to prevent this from happening again.

Brown Zebra Plant Leaves from Too Much Water

If your zebra plant is turning brown, it may be because you are overwatering the plant. Overwatering causes leaves to become soft and brown in color.

Because this is the case, it’s critical to examine your soil before watering. I recommend waiting until the top of the potting mix is dry before giving your plant a thorough watering.

The soil should feel dry to the touch, so stick your finger into the dirt and see if it’s wet. If you can’t put your finger anywhere in the potting mix without getting damp, then you may want to think about watering again.

You may also check your plant’s moisture using a moisture meter. Whatever method you employ, make sure you do it on a regular basis!

Overwatering can cause root rot or even death in severe situations if left untreated for long. It might be tough to save your plant once this happens, but it is feasible if you act quickly!

Begin by pulling your flower plant out of its current container and inspecting the roots for decay. If they’re black or mushy (or even have a rotten stench), snip them away with a pair of sterilized scissors. The final step is to repot your zebra plant into a fresh potting mix that drains easily.

The new succulent potting mix should be considerably drier than the one you were using previously. By doing so, you will provide your zebra plant with an enjoyable living environment that doesn’t retain too much water.

Brown Zebra Plant Leaves from Too Much Sunlight

Too much direct sunlight is another cause of zebra plant brown leaves. When this happens, the plant develops tall and thin stems with small burnt leaves.

The plant thrives in light, but it should never be exposed to direct sunlight. This is just too much light for the plant to endure, which will harm the leaves and render them useless.

If you’re looking to minimize the amount of light your plant receives, try moving it into a shaded or indirect-sun location. This might imply transplanting it into an area with less direct sunshine or even partial shade as the plant recuperates.

I use grow lights frequently, so any reader of my articles is well aware that I adore them! You must, however, be cautious while using them. Using the grow lights too much may cause the tips to burn due to overexposure.

Zebra Plant Leaves FAQs

The zebra plant isn’t the easiest plant to care for. As such, I will now answer some common questions I get asked about the leaves of this beautiful plant.

Will brown zebra plant leaves turn green again?

No, it is unlikely for the leaves to turn green again. Once they are burnt, the plant will not recover its previous appearance or coloration.

Should I remove brown leaves from the zebra plant?

Yes, prune all burnt or dead leaves from the plant. You can do this with sterilized scissors to prevent any further decay of your zebra plant’s roots and soil environment.

Will too much water cause the zebra plant to turn brown?

Yes, too much water can cause the leaves to turn brown. This is because it causes them to become soft and weak, which will make your plant more susceptible to disease or decay.

Why are my zebra plant leaves wet?

This is likely due to guttation, which is the plant releasing excess water through its’ leaves. You can prevent this with proper watering by allowing for complete drainage each time you water your zebra plant.

Will direct sun cause zebra leaves to turn brown?

Yes, direct sunlight can cause your zebra plant leaves to turn brown. This is because the intense exposure causes them to burn and become unusable by the plant. Be careful when using grow lights or other artificial light sources to ensure they don’t cause the same damage.


In conclusion, your zebra plant may be turning brown because of too much water or sunlight. Make sure to keep your soil moist, but not wet, and give the plant filtered light in order to prevent this from happening again!

I hope that this post helped you to determine why your zebra plant turned brown. If you liked this post, please leave a comment letting me know! I appreciate any and all feedback that readers provide.

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