ZZ Plant Symbolism – Feng Shui and Vastu

The ZZ plant is a popular choice for those who want an easy-to-care-for houseplant. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, and it’s one of the most tolerant plants in existence.

But what does this plant symbolize? Feng shui and Vastu both have different meanings associated with this particular type of foliage.

What Does the ZZ Plant Symbolize?

The ZZ plant symbolizes good luck in the Vastu Shastra. In Feng shui, it represents harmony and balance with nature.

Whether you follow Vastu Shastra or Feng shui, the ZZ plant is a great choice for those who want to bring luck and harmony into their living space.

In fact, this is why you see the ZZ plant in so many offices and homes around the world. The owners believe that the presence of the pant will bring them good luck and increase productivity.

When it comes to what the pant represents, there are four main characteristics that we can admire. These are:


The ZZ plant is a great example of how you should live your life. It grows repetitively and with consistency. This tells me that if I want to win at life, then it’s best for me not to give up or change my mind about something after one try!


The ZZ plant takes a long time to grow, but it gets there eventually end. The same can be said for us, as we grow and develop over time, we too can get to where we desire.


The plant’s perseverance is an example of how we should never give up in life. The hardworking and dedicated nature of this little sprig makes people believe that anyone with enough resolve to achieve their goals.


Although slow, the ZZ plant grows strongly and steadily. We can learn from this to be powerful and strong in moments that test us. The snake plant shows its strength by growing to a tall height with no special care needed.

Is the ZZ Plant Lucky?

In Feng shui, this plant is believed to be a sign of good luck, not bad luck. In fact, it’s one of the few plants that can bring prosperity and drive forward opportunities for success!

This is why people grow these plants in their homes or offices, as they believe it will bring them good luck and make the space more successful.

Where Should the ZZ Plant Be Placed for Good Luck?

Believers of Feng shui say that the ZZ plant should be placed in the east and southeast areas of your home or office. This is where you want to place it for new opportunities, goals, growth, relationships, knowledge, wisdom, and health!

The eastern area represents character development while the southeastern corner symbolizes good fortune related to wealth. By placing this plant here, it will open up new opportunities for you to succeed.

Why Is the ZZ Plant Called Fortune Tree?

The ZZ plant is called the fortune tree because it symbolizes good luck and fortune. As such, it makes the perfect gift for those who are about to begin a new job or embark on an important project.

It is also commonly given as a housewarming present because it represents happiness, good luck, and overall well-being! If you have someone in your life who needs these things, then this plant will be the best option for them.

ZZ Plant Direction for Vastu

If you follow Vastu Shastra, then the ZZ plant should be placed in the north-eastern direction. This will promote wealth, success, and abundance for those who live in the home.

In fact, this is why you see these plants commonly placed next to cash registers of clothing stores or cafes! They know that their sales will increase thanks to having a ZZ plant there as people believe it brings them good luck and increased business.

Other Benefits to Owning a ZZ Plant

Aside from the symbolism, there are a couple of other benefits to owning one.

One is that they require little care and don’t need much light at all! This makes them perfect for those who have very busy schedules or live in small homes without many windows. If you want something easy to take care of but brings good luck into your life, then a ZZ plant is the right choice for you.

The other benefit of owning one is that they purify your air! They filter out toxins, remove odors from smoke and make it easier to breathe in homes with little ventilation or those who live near busy roads.

Plants reduce stress and can also be great for your health, which is why people who own ZZ plants often feel healthier and more relaxed than they did before.


In conclusion, the ZZ plant is a great addition to homes and offices because of its symbolism. When you grow this, it shows others that you are strong-willed, hardworking, dedicated, diligent in your character development/spiritual growth.

Whether you believe in the symbolizing or not, there’s no denying that this is a beautiful plant that can really bring life to your home or office!

I hope this article was helpful in clearing up any misunderstandings you may have about the ZZ plant. Please do check out my other articles on this plant, like what to do if they turn yellow or brown. If there’s anything else that I can answer for you, feel free to inbox me.

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