How To Get Rid of Aphids On Monstera?

Aphids are a common problem for gardeners and homeowners alike. They can be difficult to get rid of, but there are plenty of effective methods out there. In this blog post, we will cover the best ways to get rid of aphids on monstera plants.

How To Get Rid of Aphids on Monstera?

Aphids are a pest that feeds on your monstera plants leaves and aerial roots. They can cause damage to the leaves or stem of your plants, and they may even spread disease between plants. Here’s how I deal with them:

Wash with soapy water

This can be an effective way to get rid of aphids on monstera plants. I like using a solution of mild dish soap with lukewarm water (about one teaspoon per cup). Use an old soft toothbrush, or spray the plant with your homemade mixture and use that same toothbrush to gently scrub the leaves.

Neem oil

Another natural option for getting rid of aphids on monstera plants is Neem oil (Amazon link). It’s derived from the Indian neem tree and it acts as a fungicide, pesticide, and insect repellent. You can use Neem oil in your garden or buy concentrated formulas to treat indoor plants with infestations.

Insecticidal soaps

There are many different formulations available when you need an effective way to get rid of aphids on monstera plants. These soaps will kill any insects they come into contact with while still being safe for humans and pets – as long as you follow the instructions carefully!

I like using this method because it works well without causing damage (unlike some chemical sprays) but be sure not to over-apply or you could end up damaging your plant.

Boric acid

A popular method for getting rid of aphids on monstera plants is boric acid. Simply mix it with a small amount of water and spray the mixture onto your infested monstera plant to kill off any adults as well as larvae and eggs that may be present.

Boric acid can damage some types of paint, so be sure not to let it come into contact with anything but the leaves of your plant!

Just remember that it’s toxic if ingested by humans or animals – so don’t use this option indoors where children might play around with these kinds of chemicals without supervision.

Using Predators to Get Rid of Aphids from Monstera

I’ve had great success using insects called predatory mites to get rid of aphids on my monstera plants. These little bugs are completely safe for humans and pets, but they love eating other small pests like aphids, thrips, whiteflies – even spider mites!

Why Are Aphids a Problem for Monstera Plants?

Aphids feed on sap from plants. This causes a sticky substance known as honeydew to form, which can attract ants and other insects. This honeydew that is secreted by aphids can also cause mold or fungus to grow on plants.

Damage caused by aphids includes distorted plant growth, wilting leaves, yellowing of the foliage, and curling leaves. The most serious damage they do though is spreading disease from one plant to another.

These diseases are difficult for home gardeners to treat without using chemicals, so it’s best just not to let things get out of hand in the first place!


In conclusion, you can get rid of aphids on monstera plants by using a few simple techniques. Using soap and water is one of the most effective ways to kill these pests, while also being environmentally friendly – just be sure you don’t damage your plant!

Neem oil works well too if you’d like an all-natural solution that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. You can also use predators such as predatory mites or ladybugs to get rid of aphids and other small insects without needing any special equipment.

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