What is Causing Caladium Brown Spots?

The caladium is a plant that has leaves in shades of green, pink, and white. The question on many people’s minds is “what could be causing the brown spots?” It turns out that there are several things that could cause this issue. If you want to know what they are then continue reading!

What is Causing Caladium Brown Spots?

The type of browning will reveal the exact answer, but caladium brown spots are either caused by sunburn or root rot. I will now explain what each of these issues means and how to treat them.

Caladium brown spots from root rot

This type of browning tends to be wet and fuzzy. They sometimes even have a yellow ring around the brown spot, which indicates a fungal infection is present. Not only can overwatering give root rot, but it can flush out nutrients and make caladium plants turn yellow.

You can fix this issue by removing the rotten roots, re-potting the plant, and then using a fungicide to kill any lingering fungal infection.

It’s important to stop this from happening again in the future, so ensure that you don’t overwater your plant by creating a strict watering schedule and monitoring the soil with a moisture meter.

While we are on the subject of watering, you may want to consider the type of water you’re using to water your caladium. Using filtered water is the best way type to give a caladium because it is free of any sediment, chlorine, or salts that may be present in tap water. It can prevent caladium drooping!

Caladium brown spots from sunburn

Caladiums plants can get sunburn just like we do! This happens when their leaves get scorched by the sun after too much direct sunlight. This type of spot is dry and crisp, compared to the wet appearance brought on by root rot.

The best way to fix this issue is by moving your plant into a shadier area or placing it under some shade cloth if you live in a hot climate.

You can remove the sun-damaged leaves by using a pair of sterilized scissors to snip them off at the bottom of the leaf. You can also trim around all other brown or yellowed leaves, but don’t throw them away! They are great for composting because they make a good source of nitrogen to help your garden’s soil maintain its rich properties.

Caladium has gone dormant

Also, take into account that sometimes leaves just get old and die. This is especially true with caladium plants that are notorious for problems when grown indoors. For this season, I keep my caladiums outside for as long as possible. If they start to show signs of a problem, I cut them back and let the leaves re-grow. This has been working great for me!


Should I remove brown caladium leaves?

You should remove the brown caladium leaves if they are dead or look like they have a fungal infection. Use a pair of sterilized scissors to snip them off above any nodes.

Will root rot cause caladium brown spots?

Yes, root rot is a common cause of caladium brown spots and can be identified by the appearance of wet, fuzzy, yellowing patches on your plant’s leaves.

Is too much water causing my caladium to get root rot?

Yes! When there is too much water in the potting soil it leads to an increase in fungal growth which causes root rot. You should ensure that you implement a strict watering schedule for all plants inside or outside. This will help maintain proper moisture levels within the soil while preventing any excess amount from pooling at the roots.

Where does sunburn appear on my caladium?

Caladiums are very sensitive when exposed to direct sunlight because their thin skin burns easily due to heat absorption during photosynthesis. This type of browning on your caladium will appear dry and crisp.

How do I fix sunburn on caladium?

You should move the plant to a shadier location or place it under some shade cloth if you live in a hot climate. You can remove any dead leaves by snipping them off with sterilized scissors above any nodes that are green. Don’t expect new growth until next year!

Will neem oil fix brown spots on caladium?

Yes, neem oil (Amazon link) works for caladium brown spots. It can be used in conjunction with fungicides to treat root rot and other fungal infections, but it only masks the symptoms and does not fix them at their source.

Will brown spots kill my caladium plant?

It depends on the cause of the brown spots. If your plant has brown spots from root rot, then your caladium very well may die if you don’t take action. Sunburn brown leaves are only cosmetic and they will not kill the plant. You can remove them by trimming around all other leaves that may be affected or discolored with a sterilized pair of scissors.

What causes my caladium to go dormant?

Caladiums experience dormancy during cold weather seasons due to their tropical origins. They typically do this after growing new shoots in springtime until fall when it is hot outside again! Dormant plants should be kept inside where temperatures don’t drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius).


In conclusion, there are several different things that could be causing brown spots on your caladiums. They include root rot, sunburn, and even the plant going dormant for the season. If you have noticed holes in the leaves, this isn’t a fungal infection, but pests – you can learn more here.

I hope this article has helped you determine what is causing the brown spots on your caladium so that you can take action to stop it!

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