Can Pothos Plants Have Fenestrations?

Pothos is one of the most popular houseplants, and with good reason! They’re beautiful plants that offer a lot of benefits to your home. For example, they can help purify the air you breathe.

This article will explore the question of whether or not pothos plants can have fenestrations. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it refers to holes and cuts that are present in the leaves of plants, like the monstera.

Can Pothos Have Fenestrations? 

Yes, pothos plants can have fenestrations, but it is rare and not all varieties of pothos will develop them. This means that they’re not a definitive characteristic of the plant, as is true with other plants, like the monstera.

The most common pothos varieties that see fenestrations are the cebu blue and the giant pothos, which both have fenestrations when they mature.

Why Does Pothos Have Fenestrations?

The cuts and holes in the leaves of pothos plants allow for more sunlight to reach inside and through the plant, which can be beneficial for some varieties. As pothos plants have large leaves, having fenestrations means that the top leaves don’t stop the bottom laves from receiving sunlight.

Pothos plants with these kinds of cuts are also popular decoration items because they add an interesting visual aspect that is different from other houseplants you may have.

In fact, I LOVE when plants develop these kinds of cuts and holes because they really make your home stand out. This is why the variegated monstera is my all-time favorite houseplant.

Can I Increase the Splits on My Pothos?

No, you cannot encourage fenestrations on pothos plants. You just have to wait for the plant to grow naturally, which could take months or years.

If you are impatient for faster results, then I would suggest buying a monstera plant that naturally develops way more fenestrations than pothos will. You won’t have to wait as long to enjoy the visual effect, and it’s still very impressive when you see them!

Do All Pothos Have Fenestrations?

No, not all pothos have fenestrations. Most common varieties of pothos do not develop holes in their leaves during adulthood. This means that this is something you will need to observe and look out for when you are purchasing pothos plants.

If the leaves of your plant don’t have fenestrations, then they’re probably not a cebu blue or giant type of pothos that naturally develops them as it matures. If this is true, then you won’t see fenestrations anytime soon, but you can still enjoy the plant for its other benefits.


To sum it up, pothos plants have fenestrations when they mature and develop naturally over time. This usually happens with cebu blue or giant varieties of pothos that have large leaves where all parts are able to receive sunlight through the fenestrations.

Pothos plants without holes cannot be encouraged to develop, so you just have to wait for the natural process of plant growth to take its course. If you’re looking for faster results, then monstera is a great alternative that can easily provide this effect in your home.

I hope this article has answered your question about whether or not pothos can have fenestrations. If you enjoyed this post, then please let me know by dropping me a message. You can also check out some of my other posts, like this one on leggy pothos plants – It will help you to improve the appearance of your pothos!

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