How to Fix a Leggy Pothos Plant?

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The pothos is a popular houseplant. It’s easy to care for, great at removing toxins from the air, and can grow to be quite large. Unfortunately, sometimes they can get leggy – meaning that their stems are weak and spindly. If you have a leggy pothos plant in your home or office space, here are some tips on how to fix it!

How to Fix a Leggy Pothos?

Pothos become leggy because they don’t get enough light. When they are shaded from the sun, their stems grow long and weak in order to reach out towards more sunlight. The easiest way to fix a leggy pothos is simply by giving it more light!

Giving more sun will strengthen the pothos’ stems, encouraging them to grow bushier. If your plant is in a hanging basket or something with no sunlight getting through, consider moving it into a brighter space!

I will now go more in-depth into how you can save a leggy pothos plant…

1) Move your pothos to a brighter location

The first step is to move your pothos to a brighter location. If you have a hanging basket with no light, consider putting it in another room so that the plant will get more direct sunlight from windows or skylights.

In addition, bright fluorescent lights can help strengthen stems and encourage growth. In this case, I would recommend purchasing grow lights (Amazon link) designed for indoor plants.

It’s also a good idea to rotate your plant regularly to encourage even growth and prevent lopsidedness. I do this by spinning the pot on my desk every once in a while so all sides of the plant get equal amounts of light.

2) Prune leggy leaves

If your plant is in a small pot, it could be that the roots are crowded and can’t access water or nutrients. This could result in leggy leaves – especially if you’re not giving your pothos lots of light! Here’s an interesting fact – pothos plants can have slits in their leaves!

To solve this problem, remove some of the weaker stems to encourage new growth from stronger ones. As long as the majority of your plant’s leaves are green and healthy, you should be able to cut off some of the longer stems.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, pruning actually helps encourage growth! It gives the plant an incentive to grow strong stems and bushier leaves so that it can replace the stems you cut off.

Leggy Pothos FAQ

Pothos plants aren’t a common houseplant, but a lot of people ask me about them. Here are some frequent questions I get about leggy pothos…

Should I repot a leggy pothos plant?

It’s a good idea to repot your pothos if it’s in a small pot. Pothos are fast-growing vines, so they need lots of space to stretch out and grow! Repotting into a larger pot will also encourage your plant to fill the new soil with roots quickly – which is important for good plant health.

Will grow lights fix leggy pothos?

Yes, grow lights can help – especially if your plant has been leggy for a long time. They are especially helpful if your pothos is in a dark corner, where the plant doesn’t get much light. Just be sure to use grow lights designed for houseplants – not regular fluorescent bulbs.

What position should I keep my leggy pothos plant in?

To keep your pothos from getting leggy, it’s best to put them in a cool spot near indirect sunlight. If you have direct morning or afternoon sun coming through a window, that will be perfect!

Be sure not to place the plant too close to windows – especially if they get lots of heat and sun exposure. Pothos need sunlight, but direct sun exposure isn’t needed.

Should I prune a leggy pothos?

Yes, you should prune your pothos to encourage bushier growth! If you have leggy leaves, remove the longest stems so that shorter ones can take their place. This means cutting off long shoots about an inch above where it meets another stem.

Will a leggy pothos plant recover?

Yes, your pothos can definitely recover from being leggy. Just give it a new pot and more light, and your plant will be back to its healthy green self in no time. Pruning off some of the worst stems can even give it a nice bushier appearance!


In conclusion, pothos plants can get leggy if they aren’t getting enough light. The best way to fix leggy pothos is by giving them more sunlight! If you have a hanging basket or another type of plant with no access to direct sunlight, this may be the reason for your plant’s long stems.

If that doesn’t work for you, try pruning some of the weaker stems and rotating your plant regularly to ensure even growth. If none of these tips work for you, it’s possible that your pothos just needs more time to recover.

I hope this post has helped solve any problems you have with leggy pothos plants in your home or office space!

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