Why Are My Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow?

We have all been there. You planted a beautiful cucumber plant in your garden, and now the leaves are turning yellow and dying. What is going on? Is it some kind of pest or disease that you can’t get rid of?

Well, luckily for you we know the answer to this question! This article will help you understand what is happening with your cucumber plant, and how to fix it.

Why Are My Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow?

Your cucumber leaves are turning yellow because the plant has been overwatered, lacks adequate light, or is being subjected to environmental stress.

Let’s delve deeper into the most common causes of yellowing leaves on a cucumber plant, as well as what you can do about them.

Yellow Cucumber Leaves from Overwatering

Your cucumber plant may be turning yellow from overwatering, which is probably the most common reason for this problem. If you have been giving your cucumber a lot of water lately, it could lead to root rot. This means that there isn’t enough oxygen in the soil and roots begin dying off, so they cannot absorb nutrients properly anymore.

Simply allow the soil around your cucumber plants to dry out more between waterings. If you are using a drip irrigation system, this will be easier to monitor than if you just rely on natural rainfall.

Yellow Cucumber Leaves from Lack of Light

Cucumbers, like other plants in the cucurbit family (which includes zucchini and squash), can be sensitive to a lack of light. In particular, at least six hours of sunlight per day is required for proper growth. This can happen during the dark winter months when cucumber plants are affected by winter conditions.

If your cucumber plant isn’t getting enough sunlight during much or all of its growing season, it won’t grow very big and may even start turning yellow from a lack of chlorophyll production! Fortunately, this issue can easily be fixed by moving your cucumber plant into sunnier conditions. Conversely, too much sun can cause cucumber leaves to turn brown.

Yellow Cucumber Leaves from Too Much Stress

Finally, cucumber leaves that are turning yellow may be the result of too much stress on your plant. Sometimes this has to do with over-fertilizing or adding more manure than necessary to your soil. Other times it is caused by insect pests like aphids and root maggots, which feed off the nutrients in a plant’s roots, causing holes in the leaves.

If you have discovered some kind of pest infestation on your cucumber plants, consider using an organic pesticide made from ingredients such as garlic, neem oil, hot peppers, soap solution, or pyrethrum powder mixed with water for best results.

All these issues can cause problems with the way your cucumbers grow since they affect their ability to take up essential minerals via their roots! Be sure to solve any problems you have before moving on to the next planting season.

Yellow Cucumber Leaves FAQs

Cucumbers can be complicated at the best of times. As such, I’ll go through several of the most frequently asked questions regarding yellowing leaves.

Should I cut yellow leaves off my cucumber?

Yes, if there are yellow patches on your cucumber leaves, you should cut away the affected areas. This will prevent pests like fungus gnats from laying their eggs in these spots and spreading disease to healthy tissue.

Is it normal for my cucumber to lose some of its lower leaves?

Yes, if your cucumber leaves are turning yellow, it is perfectly normal for the plant to shed older and weaker foliage in order to conserve energy.

Will too little light cause my cucumber leaves to turn yellow?

Yes, cucumber leaves turning yellow can be a symptom of too little light. If your cucumber plant is getting less than six hours per day, it will not produce enough chlorophyll to stay healthy and may start suffering from nutrient deficiencies as well!

Will too much water cause my cucumber leaves to turn yellow?

Yes, cucumber leaves turning yellow from overwatering is a common problem. If you have been giving your cucumbers a lot of water lately, your roots may not be able to breathe properly anymore. This could lead to root rot, which is when the roots begin dying off and are unable to absorb nutrients properly!

How long does it take for my yellow cucumber leaves to recover?

It can take a few weeks to several months for cucumber leaves turning yellow from one of the above problems to fully recover. This will depend on how long your plant was suffering for, if it had any existing nutrient deficiencies or pest infestation going on that you were unaware of until now, and other factors!

Will the yellow cucumber leaves turn green again?

No, it is very unlikely for cucumber leaves turning yellow to turn green again. The good news is that if your cucumbers are otherwise healthy, this is not a big deal! Follow the care rules to stop this from happening again in the future.


In conclusion, cucumber leaves turning yellow is a common problem that can happen to almost any cucumber plant. If you have been giving your plants too much water lately, this could be the reason for their condition!

Follow the care rules listed above and start enjoying healthy green foliage on your plants again.

I hope that this article has helped you understand why your cucumber leaves are turning yellow. If so, feel free to view my other articles by using the search box at the top of the page.

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