How Often To Water Bougainvillea?

Every plant has different needs, but one thing that they all have in common is water. Without it, plants will die. When it comes to watering your plants, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how often to water bougainvillea and the best way to do so!

How Often To Water Bougainvillea?

Generally, it’s best to water a bougainvillea every 21-28 days. Keep in mind that the larger your plant, the more water it will require. It also depends on the season. In hotter months, you’ll have to water more often than during cooler months.

Can I Give Tap Water to Bougainvillea?

You can, but it’s not recommended. Tap water contains chlorine, which will burn tender roots if it isn’t removed before you use it on your plant. I only use tap water if I first put it through a filter that gets rid of chlorine and other chemicals.

Can I Use Cold Water on My Bougainvillea?

No, cold water will damage your plant. The best water temperature for bougainvillea is between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Using cold water will shock your plant, so always use water that is room temperature.

A good tactic is to leave the water overnight to let the temperature equalize before giving it to your bougainvillea.

How Do I Water My Bougainvillea?

Water your bougainvillea using a watering can or hose. Make sure the water is able to drain out of the bottom, so you don’t drown it! It should take about 15 minutes for your plant to soak up all the water that it needs. If you have clay soil, then allow an extra 30 minutes because clay soils retain more moisture than other types of soil.

How Much Water Should I Use on My Bougainvillea?

It depends on your bougainvillea’s size. Generally, you should use enough water to wet the soil until it is saturated. It takes about one inch of water per week for a plant this size!

I recommend using a moisture meter every time you water just to be safe and make sure that they are getting all the hydration they need. This will help prevent over or underwatering, in addition to making sure your plants get everything they can out of their food when you fertilize them!

Can I Use Distilled Water on My Bougainvillea?

Yes, you can use distilled water on your bougainvillea. Distilled water is completely free of chemicals and salts, which makes it ideal for plants that need to avoid chemicals. However, distilled water lacks the necessary nutrients that other types of water have, so it’s not as effective.

What Happens if I Water My Bougainvillea Too Much?

Overwatering is a much bigger problem than underwatering. If you overwater your bougainvillea, it will damage the roots, turn the leaves brown, and encourage disease to grow. The soil should be completely dry before you water again!

Too much water usually causes root rot, which is when the roots start to decay. At first, they will appear black and slimy before decaying completely. If it’s caught in time, you may be able to save your plant!

The way to fix bougainvillea root rot is by removing the affected plant parts and discarding them away from all plants. Next, repot the plant into new soil that allows excess water to drain easily. You should also increase the air circulation to let more oxygen reach your plant’s roots, which will reduce future problems!

What Happens if I Water My Bougainvillea Too Little?

If you don’t water your bougainvillea enough, you may notice that the bougainvillea leaves start dropping off. Usually, this happens during hot weather when plants require more water than usual because of heat stress.

To fix underwatering and bougainvillea wilting, simply give your bougainvillea an extra drink or two every week until their soil is saturated again. If the plant is seriously underwatered and is about to die, then you should allow the plant to saturate fully by leaving the plant submerged in water for a few hours.


In conclusion, there is a lot that goes into taking care of bougainvillea plants. The best way to avoid problems with overwatering and underwatering is by using a moisture meter or simply feeling the soil every time before you water it.

In addition, make sure you use room temperature water instead of cold tap water because this can shock your plant!

I hope this blog post helps with learning how to take care of your bougainvillea plants. If you have any questions, please reach out to me for additional help. You can also check out my other articles, like this one: Why Are My Bougainvillea Leaves Turning Yellow?

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