Why Is My Bougainvillea Wilting?

Bougainvillea is a flowering plant that originated from the tropical regions of South America. This plant is known for its large, brightly colored flowers and its thick, thorny branches.

However, you may sometimes notice that your bougainvillea is wilting – but why is this happening. In this blog post, we’ll answer this question and go over a few other common concerns with bougainvilleas.

We’ll start by going over the possible reasons your plant is wilting, then we will walk you through some steps that can be used to revive it when it begins looking droopy.

Bourgainvillea plants typically wilt due to a lack of water. However, other common causes include exposure to high temperatures, stress, disease, and pests. You should identify the exact cause of wilting before making any changes to the care given.

Unfortunately, this is something many people struggle with. In the next section, we’ll tell you how to revive a wilting bougainvillea, as well as what it means when your plant isn’t receiving enough light or water.

How To Stop Bougainvillea Wilting?

Bougainvillea wilt can be prevented by making sure the plant is getting enough water. Watering your bougainvillea once per week should provide the right amount of moisture for its needs.

You can use a moisture meter to test the moisture in the soil. If you don’t have a moisture meter, then poke your finger about an inch into the soil to see if it is dry or moist. You should water when needed so that this step isn’t necessary very often.

During hot, dry weather you may need to increase watering so that it receives an inch or two on a weekly basis. However, during cold winter months when rain doesn’t fall often, you will want to reduce watering drastically – only giving it about one-quarter inch every other month is typically sufficient in colder regions.

If you have planted your flower bed with mulch then this material should also help retain water and prevent wilting from occurring at all – but make sure not to cover up more than half of the stem as this could cause the bougainvillea to rot.

Another common reason for wilting is due to exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight, which can cause the plant’s leaves to dry out quickly. While it may be hard to avoid this issue entirely during the summer months when heat waves hit your region, you should try limiting sun exposure when the sun is at its strongest.

Additionally, ensure that your plant doesn’t become stressed out due to factors like infrequent irrigation or excessive pruning of branch tips (which can remove an indicator of stress).

If all else fails, identify what pests may be causing wilting in your bougainvillea and them accordingly with pest control products, like neem oil (Amazon link).


Is wilting dangerous for my bougainvillea?

Wilt is typically not dangerous for your Bougainvillea, but it can be an indicator of other issues. It’s important to identify what the underlying cause may be so that you know how to proceed with treatment and care.

How do I revive a wilted bougainvillea?

If your plant begins drooping due to lack of water then simply increase watering efforts until it returns back to its normal state. However, if humidity levels are low, then you should try misting the foliage to add moisture back into the surrounding area.

Will moving my bougainvillea into the shade stop wilting?

If your bougainvillea is beginning to wilt due to high temperatures or direct sunlight, then you should try moving it into an area that receives less light. You could also cover up the plant with cloth on hot days so that it won’t dry out as quickly.

Can I revive a wilted bougainvillea?

Yes – if the cause of wilting can be identified and remedied then your bougainvillea will return back to its normal state in no time! However, keep a close watch over this process since sudden changes in moisture levels can sometimes make matters worse by causing root rot.

How can I stop bougainvillea from wilting in the summer heat?

You can protect your bougainvillea by moving it into an area that receives less sun exposure during the heat of summer, or by covering it up with a sheet on, particularly hot days. Additionally, make sure to provide extra water so your bougainvillea doesn’t become too dry due to high temperatures.

How can I prevent my plant from wilting in the winter months?

To avoid indoor bougainvillea from wilting during the winter months, it’s important to reduce watering. You can also try moving your plant away from drafty windows or heating vents that may cause its leaves to dry out quickly. I am a huge believer in LED grow lights, so try that if you haven’t already.

Will my wilted bougainvillea die?

Only if you don’t take action to prevent it will your bougainvillea die. Wilt is not typically dangerous on its own, but the underlying cause should be identified and treated immediately to avoid root rot or other complications.


In conclusion, make sure to identify the underlying cause of wilting in your bougainvillea so you can provide it with proper treatment and care.

In most cases, your bougainvillea will return back to its normal state in no time. Just make sure you are given the correct amount of water, as wilting usually occurs when not enough water is given to the plant

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