Why Is My Morning Glory Not Blooming?

The morning glory is a beautiful flower that can grow up to 3 feet tall. It has been used for centuries in gardens and other settings because of its long, trailing vines and gorgeous flowers.

In the right conditions, the plant will bloom from June through August each year. However, some people notice their morning glory isn’t blooming during the summer…

Why Is My Morning Glory Not Blooming?

Your morning glory is not blooming because the soil is fertile and high in nitrogen. Unlike other plants, morning glory plants only bloom when the soil is low in nutrients, like nitrogen.

This may sound strange to gardeners who have always had great success with the plant. However, morning glory plants are often found growing between cracks in sidewalk pavers and other places where they receive very little nutrients.

How To Encourage Morning Glory to Bloom?

You can encourage your morning glory to bloom by providing it with less nitrogen-rich soil. This means you will need to keep it away from your other plants that need nutritious soil.

If you’re using a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen, you should stop immediately! Many people try to make their morning glory plants bloom by giving more and more fertilizer, but this is the opposite of what you should do.

You can use a low-nitrogen fertilizer. In fact, there are even fertilizers that are specially made for morning glory plants and other plants that appreciate soil with low nitrogen.

You should also make sure you are giving the plant a consistent amount of sun throughout the whole day, not just in the morning or evening. This means you may have to reposition your morning glory to another area of the garden that receives more sunlight.

In regards to water, morning glory plants like their soil to be slightly moist – not waterlogged or bone-dry. You can test the moisture level by sticking your finger about two inches into the dirt.

If you want your morning glory to grow and bloom upwards, then you will need to provide support. The vines will crawl up other nearby structures, such as trellises and fences, but this can take time.

If you do all of these things, your morning glory plant should start to bloom within a couple of weeks! The key is consistency and avoiding too much nitrogen in its soil – otherwise, it will never produce flowers.


What month do morning glory flowers bloom?

Morning glory flowers bloom from early summer to the fall. This typically means you can expect flowers from June to August.

Will my morning glory bloom next year?

If the conditions are right, your morning glory should bloom again next year.

Do morning glory plants need support to grow and bloom?

Yes, morning glory plants need support to grow and bloom.

What does a blooming morning glory look like?

Blooming morning glory is a beautiful purple/pink flower that catches the attention.

Where can I buy morning glory seeds?

You can morning glory seeds in your local garden center or from Amazon.

Where can I plant my morning glory plant to make it flower?

You should be able to plant your morning glory plant just about anywhere that receives six hours of sunlight per day and has moist soil with some organic matter mixed into it. It’s important not to plant it too close to other plants that need more nitrogen than the morning glory.

Why doesn’t my morning glory flower anymore?

Your morning glories may stop flowering if they don’t receive enough sunlight throughout the day, have too much water, or are planted near other plants that need lots of nitrogen-rich soil to grow well.

What is a morning glory plant?

The morning glory has large, pink, or white flowers that can grow up to three feet tall and have yellow centers. The leaves are long and heart-shaped with scalloped edges. The vines of the flower can easily cover an area if not trimmed back properly.

Can morning glory bloom in shade?

No, morning glory won’t bloom in the shade as they love the sun. You should place them in a spot where they can receive at least six hours of sunlight each day.

How often should I water my morning glory plants when they bloom?

Morning glories need slightly moist soil to thrive. If your morning glory is wilting or you notice that the leaves are drooping, then it might be overwatered. You should water once a day in early summer and about once a week come fall/winter when they aren’t blooming anymore.


In conclusion, morning glories need a lot of sunlight, so they do best when grown outside in well-draining soil that gets at least six hours each day.

The most important factor that influences a morning glory bloom is the type of soil that they are planted in. As mentioned above, morning glory plants don’t like soil that is rich in nitrogen and other nutrients.

I hope this blog post has been helpful to you, and if it has, please share with someone else who is experiencing problems with the morning glory not flowering during summer. Thank you for reading.

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