Why Are My Yucca Leaves Turning Brown?

Yucca plants are beautiful plants that can be found in many gardens. However, if you notice your yucca leaves turning yellow it could mean trouble. This blog post will discuss what causes the yucca plant to turn yellow and how to fix the problem so that your plant stays healthy and looks great!

Why Are My Yucca Leaves Turning Brown?

Your yucca leaves are turning brown as a result of overwatering or leaf burn. While burnt leaves will be dry and crispy, brown leaves from overwatering tend to be moist.

This is why determining what caused the leaves to turn brown is important. I’ll go through these two causes in-depth, as well as what you can do to avoid it from happening again.

Brown Yucca Leaves from Too Much Water

If the soil is soggy and you see water coming out of the bottom of your pots, then this means that you are watering too much. This may also be accompanied by mold or fungus growing on top of the soil, which can result in root rot if left untreated.

You should never let yucca plants sit in pools of standing water, which can drown the roots and cause damage to your yucca plant.

The best way to avoid brown yucca leaves from too much water is to only water when the soil feels dry. This usually takes about one to two weeks, depending on the type of yucca plant you have and where you live.

You can test this by dipping your finger into the soil and feeling for moisture. If the top layer of soil feels dry, then it is time to water your plant! Alternatively, you can use a moisture meter that you can purchase at any convenience store.

The type of water you use is also important. Avoid using tap water as it contains chlorine and fluoride, which can damage the leaves of your yucca plant. Instead, use water from a rain barrel or filtered tap water to keep your soil moist without damaging the roots of your yucca plant.

If root rot is already present, then you need to act quickly to save your plant. The first step is to remove any rotten roots with sterilized scissors. Next, repot your yucca into fresh soil that drains well.

Brown Yucca Leaves from Leaf Burn

While water is usually the main culprit behind brown yucca leaves, leaf burn can also cause your plant to turn brown. This occurs when you expose yuccas to areas of direct sunlight or temperature extremes.

If you have been moving your yucca plant from indoors to outdoors, then the sudden change in sunlight can cause leaf burn. In this case, it is best to slowly introduce your plant into the intense sunlight over a period of two weeks before leaving them outside permanently.

If this happens, then the leaves will be dry and crispy instead of moist. You can save a sunburned yucca by placing it in partial shade for two weeks to allow the leaves time to heal.

It’s also important to be careful when using grow lights are other household heating items. While grow lights are great for providing your yucca plant with the proper amount of light, they can also cause leaf burn if you place them too close to the leaves.

The same is true for overheated rooms in the winter and summer months. If necessary, use a fan or open window to provide adequate ventilation instead of leaving your plants in an area that gets too hot.

Yucca Leaves FAQs

The yucca plant isn’t the easiest plant to care for. As such, I will now answer some common questions I get asked about the leaves of this beautiful plant.

Will yucca plant leaves turn green again?

No, it is unlikely for the leaves to turn green again. However, you can cut off the brown tips of your yucca plant to encourage new growth. New foliage should emerge in a few months.

Should I remove brown leaves from the yucca plant?

Yes, you should remove all dead leaves from your yucca plant. If you see brown tips, then it is time to cut those off and encourage new growth!

Will too much water cause the yucca plant to turn brown?

Yes, too much water can cause the roots to rot and result in leaf browning. If you notice this, then check your plant’s roots for signs of root rot. Any rotten roots should be pruned and discarded off immediately.

Why are my yucca plant leaves wet?

This is likely due to guttation, which occurs when excess water accumulates on the leaves and drips down into the soil. This is a natural process that does not harm your plant, although it can be unsightly if you have just watered your yucca plant.

Will direct sun cause yucca leaves to turn brown?

Yes, direct sunlight will cause yucca leaves to turn brown. Make sure you place your plant in a spot where it will receive partial sun and is protected from too much sunlight!


In conclusion, if your yucca plant has brown leaves, then it is best to check the soil for signs of overwatering. If you have ruled that out, then perhaps too much direct sunlight is the issue.

It’s important to get to the root cause of the issue if you want to save your yucca plant! If you have already identified the issue and it is root rot, then remove any dead leaves. Next, repot your yucca into fresh soil that drains well.

If leaf burn or sun damage has occurred, then take steps to provide adequate shade for your plant.

I hope this article provides you with the information needed on how to save a yucca plant that has brown leaves!

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