Why Are My Yucca Leaves Turning Yellow?

Yucca plants are often used as ornamental plants in gardens because of their beautiful, sword-shaped leaves. However, if the leaves are turning yellow, it could be a sign that something is wrong. The following article will discuss why yucca plants turn yellow and what you can do to stop the leaves from changing color.

Why Are My Yucca Leaves Turning Yellow?

Your yucca plant is turning yellow because the plant has been overwatered, it hasn’t received enough light, or the environment is causing stress.

Let’s now explore the most common causes of yellowing leaves on a yucca and what you can do about them.

Yellow Yucca Plant from Overwatering

The most common reason why yucca leaves turn yellow is that the plant has been over-watered. When a yucca plant is overwatered, it doesn’t have enough oxygen in its roots and starts to rot.

The best way to water a yucca is to only water when the top inch of soil is dry. You will know this if you dip your finger into the top inch of soil and feel for any moistness. Alternatively, you can use a moisture meter (Amazon link) on the soil.

After watering, wait for any water to drain out before putting your yucca back into its environment. This will prevent water from accumulating near the plant’s base.

Another way to minimize the amount of water around the base is to use pots will drainage holes and soil that drains well.

If your yucca is overwatered and the leaves are turning yellow, you should immediately stop watering it until the soil starts to dry out again. At that point, reduce how much you water by half.

The type of water you use also matters. I only use filtered water, as the chlorine found in tap water can kill your plant.

If you have a houseplant that is suffering from root rot and yellow leaves, it’s important to take action immediately, or else the entire plant will die. Make sure to prune any rotten roots with a pair of sharp scissors. Next, you should repot your plant with fresh soil that drains well.

Yellow Yucca Plant from Too Little Sunlight

In addition to overwatering, the second most common cause of yucca leaves turning yellow is a lack of sunlight.

If your plant isn’t getting enough light from its current environment, you should move it closer to a window without any curtains or blinds during morning and afternoon hours when there are more direct rays of sun coming.

If the plant isn’t getting enough light by a window, you can always install grow lights (Amazon link to my favorite). They are great for any houseplant that requires more sunlight. In fact. I use them on nearly all of my houseplants in winter.

The type of grow lights you use for your yucca depends on how much light it gets naturally, as well as the room size and dimensions where the plant is growing. I would recommend using CFLs or T-lights to start out with because they are cheap and easy to install.

Yucca Plant Yellowing from Environmental Stressors

The third most common cause of yucca leaves turning yellow is environmental stressors. These are things that can cause stress to your plant, such as drafty windows or being in the path of people walking by.

If you find that your yucca is turning yellow because it’s constantly exposed to something like a draft through an open window, for example, move the plant out of the way and see if its leaves start to return back to their normal green color.

If that doesn’t work, you can always install a draft guard around the area where your yucca is growing if it continues being exposed to too many environmental stressors.

You should also make sure there are no people or pets walking by your plants because they cause vibrations in the environment that can also damage your plants. If you notice any of these things happening, make sure to move the plant away from them and see if it starts to turn green again.

If none of this works, you might have a pest infestation in your yucca plant and should seek the help of an expert at identifying what kind of bug it is and how to get rid of it. I’ve had great success with using neem oil to get rid of bugs in my houseplants.

Yellowing Yucca Leaves FAQ

Yucca plants aren’t the easiest to care for, especially when the leaves start changing color. As such, I will now go through the most frequently asked questions to do with this issue.

Should I cut yellow leaves off my yucca plant?

Yes, you should prune off any leaves that are yellow. Make sure to use a sharp pair of scissors or garden shears that have been cleaned with rubbing alcohol (to prevent the spread of any diseases or pests that may be living in your plant).

Will the yellow leaves spread to other plants?

Only if your yucca plant has a fungal infection or your plants are being kept in the same environment.

Does the type of water matter?

Yes, I recommend only using filtered water on your yucca plant. Tap water contains too many chemicals that can kill your plant.

Will too little light cause my yucca to turn yellow?

Yes, if your yucca has not been getting enough light it will turn yellow. Make sure to move the plant closer to a window with indirect sunlight during morning and afternoon hours, or install grow lights if you don’t have access to natural light in the winter months.

Will too much water cause my yucca eaves to turn yellow?

Yes, if your yucca plant has been receiving too much water, it will turn yellow. In fact, overwatering is the number one reason why people’s houseplants die.

Make sure to only water your yucca when the soil surface feels dry and use filtered or bottled water if possible because tap water contains chemicals.

Will yellow yucca leaves turn green again?

No, it is unlikely for the leaves to turn green again. The good news is that new foliage should start to appear within a couple of months.


In conclusion, yucca leaves turning yellow can be caused by a number of different things, such as watering problems or lack of sunlight. If you make sure to take care of your yucca plant properly (by providing it with enough sunlight and water) its leaves will stop turning yellow.

If you have found that there are pests on the plant, I recommend using neem oil or another natural pest control product.

I hope this blog post has helped answer all your questions about yucca plant leaves turning yellow. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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