How to Divide Peace Lily Plants?

Peace lilies are beautiful plants that can be grown indoors. They are great for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on gardening but want the beauty of green foliage in their homes.

Peace lilies do best when they are divided every year or two, which gives them more room to grow and an opportunity to produce new roots. Here is how you can divide your peace lily…

How to Divide a Peace Lily?

Here is a step by step process to divide peace lily plants:

1. Prepare your peace lilies

When you are dividing your peace lilies, you want them to be in the best condition possible. You can do this by giving the plant a good watering the day before dividing it.

2. Remove the peace lily from the pot

When you are dividing peace lily plants, it is best to remove them from their pots first. To do this you will want to gently loosen the plant on all sides of the root ball with your hands until it can be removed easily. Then slowly lift it out of its pot and set it aside.

3. Prune any brown roots or stems

You want to make sure you are pruning any brown roots or stems when you divide peace lily plants. This will encourage new root growth, which means your plant can be divided more often without damaging the health of the parent plant.

The easiest way to do this is by using sharp pruners, but it is important that they don’t damage the healthy roots.

4. Separate the crowns

Once you have removed the peace lily from its pot, gently separate the crowns with your hands until you have two or three good-sized pieces. It’s important that every crown is attached to a few leaves and roots.

You may need to trim some of the roots if they are very tangled, but try not to cut too many because this could harm the parent plant.

5. Pop the divisions into new pots

Once you have divided your peace lily plants, use a pot that is around the same size as where it was previously planted and fill it with fresh soil. Ensure the pot is big enough for the roots to grow into.

Then you just need to pop your peace lily divisions back into their new pots and water them well until the soil is thoroughly wet. These plants should be placed in an area where they receive indirect sunlight so they can establish themselves before moving them outside or into a more sunny location.

Peace Lily Division FAQ

Dividing a plant isn’t the easiest task. As such, there are a few questions that people may have about the process.

How often should I divide my peace lily?

Peace lilies can be divided every year or two, which is usually recommended for most indoor houseplants. However, if you’d like to keep your peace lily in one pot longer than this time period, simply cut

How to know when to divide peace lily?

The best way to know if you need to divide your peace lily is by looking at the roots. If they are growing out of the pot, then it’s time for division! You should also consider if multiple crowns are present, the soil is drying quicker than usual, or the peace lily has stopped flowering.

Should I repot or divide my peace lily?

Your peace lily will need more than one crown or stalk if you want to divide it. If your peace lily doesn’t meet these requirements, then you should repot it into a larger pot rather than dividing. I also repot peace lily plants if they have root rot.

When can I split my peace lily?

The best time to split a peace lily is in the springtime, which is usually between March and May. This will give the plant enough time to adjust and root itself in time for summer.

Is it easy to split a peace lily?

Yes, it is an easy process! All you’ll need are a few basic tools to get the task done. When dividing your peace lily, you should have a sharp knife, some extra soil to fill the new pots with, and scissors.

Simply follow the tips in this guide to ensure you split the peace lily without causing damage to it. You should also make sure to choose a day when the peace lily is in active growth.

Can I divide my peace lily outside?

Yes, you can split your plant wherever it makes sense for you! The process is the same, however, you can choose to split your plant outside if it’s easier for you.

How big do peace lilies grow after division?

After dividing a peace lily, each clump will be about half as large as they were original. So keep this in mind when planning where to move them or what pots to use.

Where to put the new peace lilies after division?

After you divide your peace lily, move each of the clumps into different pots and place them in their respective spaces around the home or office. Be careful of sunburn if leaving it outside. You can even choose to keep one or more at its current location if it’s large enough for multiple plants! If this is not possible, choose the best plant to keep and discard the others.

Does it matter how I divide my peace lily?

No, there is no specific right or wrong way to split a peace lily! You can use any technique you want for division as long as each clump has plenty of space and potting soil. The most important factor is simply to make sure you have enough soil and pot space for all of the new peace lilies!

What are the benefits of splitting a peace lily?

As mentioned above, there are several reasons why you would want to divide your peace lily plants. The most important benefit is that it gives them more room for growth! Additionally, dividing your peace lily plants is a great time to remove dead or dying roots.


In conclusion, the process of dividing a peace lily is quick and easy. Dividing your plant will give it more room for growth, allow you to remove dying roots, and encourage new root growth in the process!

I hope this guide has helped you to know when to divide your peace lily, how to do it successfully, and what tools you’ll need. Please do not hesitate to leave any questions in the comments. For example, I recently helped someone who had a peace lily with holes. Thanks for reading!

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