Money Tree Leaves Turning White: Causes and Cures

Every gardener knows that plants need water to survive, but what do you do when the leaves on your money tree start turning white? This is a common problem with indoor plants. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common causes and cures for white leaves on a money tree. Read on to learn more!

Why Are My Money Tree Leaves Turning White?

Your money tree leaves are turning white because of powdery mildew. Powdery mildew on plants is a fungus that can be found all over the world. It causes leaves and stems to become covered with powder, which reduces plant growth. Once this starts happening, it spreads fast!

Powdery mildew can be caused by different things. If you’re growing the plant inside, it can mean that there’s not enough air circulation in and around the leaves of your money tree. If this happens outdoors, powdery mildew may appear on the leaves if they were damaged from wind storms or rain damage.

Whiteflies are another common culprit for turning money tree leaves white. These are tiny, flying insects that feed on the sap of a plant’s leaves and stems. They can be incredibly difficult to get rid of, but the best way is to keep your money tree healthy by keeping it in a well-lit room and providing adequate water.

What Can I Do About Money Tree Leaves Turning White?

The easiest way to defend your money tree from white powdery mildew is to wipe down the leaves and stems with water every few days. Make sure you get all of those pesky spores off!

You should then use a fungicide spray designed for powdery mildew on indoor plants like neem oil (Amazon link) or horticulture oil. These are safe for indoor plants and will help keep your money tree leaves healthy!

Quick Care Tips

Indoor plants need plenty of air circulation to stay healthy. If you’re growing your money tree indoors, make sure the leaves are not touching each other and that there’s adequate space between them.

Make sure that nothing is blocking excess sunlight from getting to the plant’s leaves! Remember, too much sun can burn leaf tissue just like it does on humans! Be careful with direct exposure during peak summer hours when temperatures are hot and humid as well.

Don’t over-water your plant – this can cause root rot and other serious problems. Water the plant until water runs out of the bottom pot, but don’t allow it to sit in a saucer full of excess water!

Keep your money tree’s leaves free from whiteflies by wiping them down with soapy dishwater or an organic insecticide like neem oil if you see any signs of them nearby! They reproduce fast and can quickly become a problem.

You should also consider moving your plant outside during warm months for some fresh air – just remember that it won’t be able to tolerate cold winter weather when you bring it back indoors again.


In conclusion, white leaves on a money tree are usually caused by powdery mildew or whiteflies. The best way to cure the problem is by keeping your plant clean and providing adequate water, sunlight, and air circulation.

To get rid of powdery mildew for good, you can use a fungicide spray designed for indoor plants. Remember, too much sun or excess water can cause problems as well!

If you’re looking to buy a money tree plant, make sure you get one that’s healthy and vibrant in color – not white with powdery mildew!

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