Why Do Cucumber Leaves Feel Crispy?

Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) are among the easiest vegetables to grow. They germinate quickly, tolerate a wide range of temperatures and moisture levels, and adapt well to containers.

However, sometimes the cucumber leaves can feel crispy. In this post, we reveal why this is and what you can do about it…

Why Do Cucumber Leaves Feel Crispy?

The most likely reason why your cucumber leaves feel crispy is because of leaf scorch! This is caused by conditions of high temperature and not enough moisture in the soil.

The leaves will start off very dry, and then slowly turn brown or yellow in patches on the tips. Leaves may turn a bronze color before dying off completely.

What Causes Cucumber Leaf Scorch?

Cucumbers are pretty heavy drinkers. During hot, sunny days they take up a lot of water through their roots and this makes the leaves expand as it passes through them. When night-time temperatures drop suddenly (particularly in dry conditions) the cucumber can become dehydrated – that is, there isn’t enough moisture in its cells to keep them plump or elastic.

This means that when morning comes and the sun hits these now wrinkled leaves again, evaporation takes place very quickly – dropping soil temperature even further! The result: leaf scorch…

Why are Scorched Leaves Bad for My Cucumber Plant?

Leaf scorch doesn’t just look bad on plants, but it can have serious consequences too. In hot, dry conditions cucumbers will be more prone to powdery mildew – a fungal infection that causes leaves to lose their vital green color and wither away completely!

This is not only ugly on the plant itself – loss of photosynthesis means your plants won’t grow as quickly or produce many fruits either…

How Can I Prevent Cucumber Leaf Scorch?

To prevent leaf scorch in the future you’ll need to make sure that soil moisture levels are even throughout the day (and night). This might mean watering with soaker hoses or drip irrigation for 30 minutes every morning if sun exposure is expected.

You could also try giving your cukes some afternoon shade by planting them under taller crops (like tomatoes) or erecting a temporary shade cloth. This will bring down night-time temperatures and prevent the water from evaporating so quickly…

If you’re already dealing with leaf scorch on your cucumber plants, don’t worry! You can still save them by watering regularly throughout the day until soil moisture levels are even again. Once this happens evaporation should be reduced to normal levels meaning these crispy leaves won’t stay that way for long…


In conclusion, cucumber leaves feel crispy because of leaf scorch, which is bad for the plant as it affects growth and disease resistance. You can prevent this by watering regularly until soil moisture levels are even again – alternatively you could try giving your cukes some afternoon shade or a temporary shelter against the sun’s rays!

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