Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Dropping Leaves?

Fiddle leaf figs are a popular indoor plant. They have been used as an air purifier, and many people think they make the room look nice. There are several reasons why your fiddle leaf fig might be dropping leaves, but it is important to identify what the problem may be before you take action.

In this blog post, we will discuss common causes of leaf drop in fiddle leaf fig plants and how to correct them!

Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Dropping Leaves?

Your fiddle leaf fig is dropping leaves because of shock, root rot, or dry conditions. Basically, it all depends on keeping the conditions of your house under control. I will now go into each of the main reasons and what you can do to fix the issue.

Fiddle Leaf Lig Dropping Leaves from Shock

A fiddle leaf fig can drop leaves from shock when you move it to a new house. It is important that you do not put it in a drafty or cold room. If your fiddle leaf fig is placed where the temperature drops below 50 degrees, then this can shock it and cause leaf drop!

The solution is to move your plant to a warmer and more humid room. You should also offer consistent care, as making random changes will only shock your plant even more than it already is.

Fiddle Leaf Lig Dropping Leaves from Root Rot

Another reason why your fiddle lig fig may be drooping its’ leaves is because of root rot. Fiddles are very susceptible to root rot if they have poor drainage or too much water around their roots.

The best way to avoid root rots with these plants is by making sure there isn’t any standing water in the soil. If it’s too late, then you can try to remove the root rot by repotting your plant and replacing some of its’ soil.

Fiddle Leaf Lig Dropping Leaves from Dry Conditions

Leaf drop can also occur if your house is too dry and warm with a low humidity level. If you find that it happens to be very cold outside, then make sure your fiddle leaf fig isn’t directly by an open window!

You should keep them away from drafty areas like windows so they don’t get too much wind exposure or chilly temperatures. As long as you take care of these things around your home, there shouldn’t be any major problems with dropping leaves on your plants!

You can use a humidifier to increase the moisture levels around your fiddle leaf fig if you find that it’s too dry. If there is not enough humidity in your home, then try misting their leaves with water once a week! This will make them feel more comfortable and decrease leaf drop from low humidity conditions.

Fiddle Leaf Care Guide

Offering consistent care is key if you don’t want your fiddle leaf fig to drop any leaves. As such, keep the following in mind:

  • The higher the humidity, the better. Make sure there is no standing water in your plant’s soil!
  • They like bright but indirect sunlight; avoid direct exposure to the sun or you’ll find it will burn its’ leaves
  • Mist their leaves with water once a week, and make sure there is always water in the soil
  • You should use high-quality potting soil that has good drainage
  • Keep the temperature between 60 and 80 degrees, but not below 50

As long as you keep these things in mind, your fiddle leaf fig should have no problems with dropping leaves!


In conclusion, fiddle leaf figs can drop leaves for a number of reasons but you should be able to resolve the issue by looking at your home environment and what changes need to be made. You may have a fiddle leaf fig that drops its’ leaves due to shock, root rot, or dry conditions!

The most important thing you can do is not put it in an extremely drafty or cold place and make sure you don’t leave your fiddle leaf fig sitting in a pool of water! If you keep the humidity levels up around your plant, then they should be just fine.

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