Plants that Look Like Spider Plants

Spider plants have been popular houseplants for many years, so it’s no surprise that other plants have developed leaves that mimic the spider plant. This blog post lists some of these plants and their names so you can find where to buy them!

Plants that Look Like Spider Plants

  1. Carex – Japanese Sedge Plant
  2. Dracaena Plants
  3. Pandanus Plant
  4. Ophiopogon – White Lily Turf
  5. Stenotaphrum Secundatum

So, those are the top 5 plants that look the most like spider plants. All of them are make fantastic houseplants, so keep reading to find out what one suits you the best…

Carex – Japanese Sedge Plant

This plant is a perennial grass-like plant that is native to Japan. It has long, arching leaves and can grow up to 36 inches tall!

You can use this plant in the garden as it loves moist soil and has excellent water retention abilities. It also grows well around ponds or other bodies of standing freshwater, making it great for landscaping purposes!

Dracaena Plants

This is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. In fact, I have two myself! It has long, glossy leaves that almost look like blades of grass.

The Dracaena plant is great for removing toxins in the air and is a popular plant to have in hospitals or doctor’s offices! It is also easy to care for and can live in low light, making it perfect for even the most forgetful plant owners.

Pandanus Plant

This is my personal favorite, as they make beautiful hanging plants! The Pandanus is native to southeast Asia but also grows on some Pacific islands like Guam or Tahiti.

It has long left with sharp points that are often used by South Pacific cultures when weaving baskets. This makes them hard to propagate so finding one might be difficult if you do not have a greenhouse nearby…

Ophiopogon – White Lily Turf

Another perennial grass-like plant! Ophiopogon makes its home alongside ponds or river banks in Japan and China where it forms dense clumps of foliage under water growing over the river bank.

It has long, narrow leaves that look like blades of grass and is one of my favorite plants as it can be used in a number of different ways to give your garden an artistic feel. It also looks beautiful alongside water or formal gardens!

Stenotaphrum Secundatum

Last but not least we have Steno which comes from South Africa and Australia and forms clumps up to four feet tall with dark green foliage (perfect for adding height).

This plant is great for landscaping as it is very drought-resistant and thrives in poor soil. This makes it perfect to use along entryways or pot-bound plants!


In conclusion, there are many plants that look like spider plants, but these are some of the most popular. They make great houseplants for beginner gardeners as they require little care to grow and thrive!

I hope you have enjoyed this article. I have written many posts on spider plants, so be sure to check them out by using the search function 🙂

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