Pothos Winter Care: A Complete Guide

Pothos is a great house plant that you can grow in the winter. They are easy to care for and will make your home look beautiful all year round. But, as with any plant, they need some special attention during cold weather months too!

Below we’ll cover how to take care of your Pothos during the winter so they continue looking their best through the colder months.

How Do You Take Care of a Pothos Plant in the Winter?

The best way to take care of the pothos plant in winter is by keeping it warm. Pothos are tropical plants, so they need to stay in a warm environment over the winter. If you have a pothos plant that is inside, move it away from windows and cold drafts during this time of year.

It’s also important not to repot your pothos in the winter months because they don’t like too much disturbance or change at this time of year either.

I will now cover the main areas of pothos plant winter care, so nothing can go wrong with your plant this winter…

Watering Pothos in Winter

The first thing you need to know about taking care of a pothos plant in the winter is how much water it needs. Pothos should be watered once two weeks during the colder months, but never overwater them because that’s when they are most likely to get sick and die!

You can test the soil by sticking your finger into it about an inch, if the soil is still moist then you don’t need to water. However, if the soil feels dry and crunchy on top of the surface layer, then it’s time for more watering!

It’s also important to only use pots with drainage holes in the winter because pothos is very susceptible to root rot. If you do notice that your pothos is suffering, then the rotten roots will need to be pruned and the soil replaced with fresh potting mix.

Where to Place Pothos in Winter?

Pothos plants like lots of sunlight, but they need indirect light during the winter months as direct sunlight can burn them up! So place your plant somewhere where there is bright filtered light all day long for four or five hours a day.

You can also keep your plant on the windowsill during this time of year, just be careful not to place it too close to any drafts or cold air coming in through a window. If you have double glazing then that’s fine!

Pruning Pothos in Winter

Pothos plants are very easy to care for and one of the best things about them is that they don’t need much pruning.

However, if your pothos begins looking leggy then this might mean it’s time for a little pruning. You can do this by cutting back the long stems and they will grow new leaves within a few weeks!

If you notice that your plant has any dead or dying stems, then feel free to cut these off as well because it’s better for the overall health of the plant. If you don’t remove them now, then they will begin to rot and spread disease to the rest of your pothos plant.

Pothos Light Requirements in Winter

Pothos plants are one of the best houseplants to grow in winter because they don’t need much light at all!

However, when you’re looking for a place where your pothos will get enough indirect sunlight during this time of year then follow these rules:

Pothos Humidity Requirements in Winter

Another important thing to consider about pothos is the humidity levels. When it comes to winter, most plants will prefer a little less watering because cold air holds moisture and they don’t need as much water in these conditions.

However, if your plant begins looking dry or wrinkled during this time of year, then you can increase the humidity around it by placing it on a tray of pebbles and water or using a humidifier.

Fertilizing Pothos in Winter

Another vital part of pothos winter care is fertilizing – but, you don’t need to give them as much fertilizer during the cold season because they’re not growing at this time anyway!

In fact, many people give no fertilizer to their pothos in the winter. Instead, they only give their pothos plant water and no feeding. This works well because the soil will remain moist, but there won’t be a build-up of salts in the soil that may harm your plant.

However, if you do want to fertilize pothos in winter, then you should use a common fertilizer for all house plants and only give it about half as much compared to the summer months!

Pothos Winter Care FAQ

Caring for pothos in winter is a complicated subject. As such, I shall now answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How often should I water my pothos during winter?

You should only water your pothos when the soil is dry. So this means you won’t need to do it very often at all!

Can pothos survive winter?

Yes, pothos plants can survive winter. But, be sure to follow the above guidelines and you’ll have a happy pothos this season!

What is the best fertilizer for pothos in winter?

There isn’t really one specific type of fertilizer that’s better than another during these cold months. However, I would recommend using half as much fertilizer as you normally would.

Do pothos grow new leaves in winter?

No, pothos doesn’t grow new leaves during winter. However, they can still keep their existing leaves!

What temperature is too cold for a pothos?

A pothos should be kept in temperatures above 70°F to be healthy. If the temperature is below this, then they can begin to look droopy and sickly!

When should I bring my pothos inside?

If you live in a cold climate then it’s best to bring your pothos indoors before the first frost. They can survive outside, but they will need some extra care during this time of year!

Should I move my pothos away from the heater in winter?

Yes, you should move your pothos away from heaters. This is because these units can dry out the plant and cause damage to the leaves.


In conclusion, pothos is wonderful plants that require little care and attention during the winter months. They like bright, indirect light so keep them in an area where they will get this for four or five hours a day.

To protect your plant from drafts, place it near double glazing or in an area away from any cold air coming through a window.

If your plant looks too leggy or is beginning to wilt, then you can prune it back.

Otherwise, make sure the soil stays moist and doesn’t receive too much fertilizer during winter! If there’s anything else I’ve missed in this pothos care guide for winter, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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